Hooked On Royalty:The Wedding of William and Kate

It's all about the Royal Wedding tomorrow and from what I'm hearing, broadcasts from the USA is to start as early as 4am! There are seemingly more coverage via media outlets from the states than that of London media and well over two billion viewers worldwide. The invites include everybody from foreign dignitaries, families of the bride & groom, and celebrities like the Beckham's....more

The Princess Wife

I am sick to death of hearing about the Royal Wedding, but apparently I am jumping on the band wagon myself. I keep seeing the lovely Kate Middleton and remembering the stress of a small wedding, let along one of this caliber. I feel sort of sorry for her. Such expectations for a young woman who may merely just want to marry the man she loves.    ...more

It's So Etsy: In a Royal Wedding Mood

Here are just a few of my favorite handmade items for your prince or princess.You can find all of these lovely royal wedding theme items at Etsy--the place to find wonderful handmade items. ...more

I think it would be so lovely to skip all the news, but my job makes me stay plugged in.
On ...more

Wedding Chapeaux

I love royal weddings.  I love British weddings because they seem to “pomp and circumstance” the event up more than we do.  I think it is the hats.  I love the hats they wear to weddings and I am disappointed that this charming practice didn’t make it across the pond....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

I'm On A Hunger Strike...Can I Have A Piece of Royal Wedding Cake? Whack Job or Best Daughter Ever? You decide.

How badly do you want to be part of the royal wedding fanfare?  Are you willing to wake up at 4:00 a.m....more


I've been debating a lot over whether or not to post this. And when I say a lot, I'm not exaggerating. I originally wrote this post in November. That's a long time to sit on a post. The thing is, last week this situation sort of imploded. It felt...personal. More personal than before. So I debated some more, and then today, I decided to post it. Hopefully some of you can relate and will understand both my sadness at having to and strong need to finally post this entry....more

Guest Blogger: Not a Bride Yet

Yesterday, you read a post from one of my very first readers. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the other of my very first readers, Mimi, from Not a Bride Yet. Mimi was married almost two years ago (goes by so fast!), and since then she's been busy with a new project: her baby boy, Henry. I was excited when she, too, agreed to write a post here about the hectic life of a new mom....more

I totally relate to this piece, even though I didn't even try to do the cloth diapers and a few ...more