My Daughter Wore TWO Wedding Dresses...

Early on, in the planning stages of Caitlin's wedding, you may remember me telling you that she wanted to redesign my wedding dress.  And while I was very flattered at the thought of her wanting to wear my dress, I also had feelings about letting someone cut on it.  We discussed it and decided that she would not cut the long, beautiful train off.  After that, I was OK with the idea.  Here are the promised photographs of her in her own dress that she wore at her wedding ceremony and also some of her in my dress that she changed into at the reception... ...more
Who redesigned your dress for her?  Which city are you in?more

My Daughter's Vintage Wedding: Decorations and Floral Design

I had to post some photographs of the decorations and floral designs for Caitlin's wedding since she put so much thought into it.  We traveled to the Canton, Texas flea market, antique shops.  We borrowed antique items from family and friend, cut down trees and constructed light fixtures.  And we absolutely could not have pulled everything off without the help of my good friend and our wedding coordinator/floral designer, Lori Kees of Ooohlala Florals ...more

I Know A Baby Is On The Way, But We Are Looking At Wedding Photos

Caitlin only married at the end of May.  Who knew that she would get pregnant so quickly.  But I really shouldn't be surprised at how quickly things move around here.  After all, I had my four children all basically on the heels of one another.  And after all, Robby DID tell all of them that he expected to have at least 16 grandchildren...that's four apiece or either somebody has to get busy and have more.  Anyway, Caitlin and I are just now choosing pictures for her wedding album and as I was going through some of them, I decided to let you all see some of my favor...more

Overstretched Spanx and the Ghost That Visited Me

This past week, my husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary (Click HERE if you want to know more about our crazy story of how we met on in beautiful Asheville, NC where we spent our honeymoon....more

Was my compliance bought?

Last weekend, my husband and I were attending a wedding. During dinner, a mutual friend (absolutely awesome guy, that I would sooo lose in the divorce...but I digress) asked me what was I drinking, I turned to my husband who had brought the drink and said, "What am I drinking?" This baffled our friend. "Why can't I find a woman like that? I can just say here's your drink and she just says ok?" My answer (after already having had a couple of drinks) was that, "my compliance was bought with our six bedroom house."...more

He Asked...She Said YES! And Now We Are Having ANOTHER WEDDING!

Secrets, secrets, secrets...Ryan had been planning this little secret and NOW I can finally tell!  He popped the question, asking Allison to marry him yesterday...she said YES!  And now here we go again; my last child is getting married. It's funny how things happen.  Justin and Sarah were married for 5 years last February, David and Codi 2 years in July.  Caitlin and Kevin just got married in May and now Ryan and Allison will also soon tie the knot. ...more
Congratulations! It looks like you have another wedding to start planning!more

Twenty years of love and Chevys

Anyone who says you can’t put a price on love didn’t want to marry Sean. Because his price was $5,700. Or best offer....more

An Open Letter to My Future Daughter-in-Laws

I know I haven't met you yet - or maybe I have and I scared you away when I came at you waving a tape measure. If that was the case, please - hear me out. Read on......more

My "Non-Trial" Marriage

You know how we met. You know the story. Los Angeles. NBC studios. The game show. The Weakest Link. The final two. Against each other. The final question, and the ultimate win... for him, that is, since even though he lost, he walked away with me. He likes to call me the consolation prize. I like to remind him that I'm the one who got the money. He likes to remind me that I spent it all on him anyway, so what did it ultimately matter? ...more
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