We are doing a giveaway over at Teagan Tales.  The giveaway is from Sadie Ryan Keepsake tiles.  These can be great for wedding invitations, baby announcements, etc.  Any kind of picture you want to keep around for a long time and not worry about fading you can get placed on a beautiful tile and either hang it in your home or place it on your favorite shelf.  The giveaway is open until April 9th.  Go here to enter! You have a few chances to enter so there is no excuse!!!...more

What is the most important thing in the world?

The most important thing in the world? love 21.7%money 8.0%health 56.5%beauty 1.0%there's many important things 12.7%Total Votes: 2934...more

.The most important think,was my Mom,but now it's too late..She just died yesterday, more

My Version of Perfection

I dreamt about our wedding last night and it was so vivid and clear. I could clearly see the white dress I would be wearing. I could clearly see my mom helping me into my gown. I could clearly see myself walking down the aisle. But I could also see the tears running down my face when I realized I had forgotten a lot of little things for the wedding. I could clearly see that the gown I was supposed to wear for my reception was too big. I could clearly see that half my guest list was not in attendance…...more

We're (reluctantly) Engaged!

Our engagement was a bit of an uncomfortable situation. We'd hardly been dating a year and, having just gotten out of the *worst*relationship*ever*, (with this loser, if you're wondering) I was barely keen on dating Sexy Nerd. One weekend, he checked us into a local hotel for a "romantic surprise". Ummm...yeah. ...more

Sunday Night Dinner

We had a wonderful weekend and finished it off with a nice dinner....more

There absolutely is!!! more

Her Majesty The Queen’s Apology

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, has by royal command ceased this week’s Make It Stop! Friday advice column in demanding a very public apology from the opinionating upstart, Mrs HerMelness Speaks. Dear HMS HerMelness Speaks,One is somewhat concerned that a recent epistle of yours entitled ‘Dear Kate Middleton’ implies, and from which can be inferred, that one spends one’s pension allowance on Vodka, thereby leaving no funds for the wedding of one’s Grandson to the commoner, Miss Middleton. In this wise, I would ask that you please ‘Make It Stop!’ and print a retraction and apology with all haste if one is to avoid ‘a misunderstanding’ with the gallows....more

Trash the Dress (Rock the Frock)

My wedding dress is hanging awkwardly in my bedroom in my apartment. It’s in the protective bag, so it’s a huge puffy pillow just dangling off of a shelving unit. I couldn’t possible keep it in my apartment. When I wake up in the middle of the night I actually forget what it is and it just looks like a white glowy person in the corner of the room. I’m literally being haunted by my wedding....more

Creative Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends' Birthdays

Traditional gifts don’t always cut it for the girls who have been most important in your life. TAKER HER OUT FOR A GIRLS NIGHT ON THE TOWN...more