Mancrafts For the Groom: DIY wedding beer

Many aspects of wedding planning are a chore if you're not easily absorbed in details like color palette subtleties (apricot with ivory versus bisque). This is more likely to be the case if you're a man. Everyone should have an opportunity to actively contribute to their own wedding as it takes shape. If you or someone you love is feeling alienated from their own wedding, it might be time to come up with some non-girly avenues for personal expression. Brewing some wedding beer is one such fun, hands-on project that might be a little more up their alley....more

A Love Letter for Small Budget Brides

I enjoy weddings big and small, but I'm definitely not a typical wedding junkie. I'd never picked up bridal magazines until I agreed to have one of these things myself, and they pretty much confirmed the idea that "traditional" bride-dom was not for me. As a bride-to-be I've become more curious about how my the people who share my genes (and aversions) have celebrated marriage....more

Mother of the bride diary #4: Bride shows

As I find my spot on the sofa I hear “You can change the channel, I am not interested in this,” from husband, half asleep in his recliner. Suddenly wide awake he pleads, ”but please no more bride dress stuff.”...more
@GaelMc Oh-no!! I am not sure I should ask how you could have almost burned your home down in ...more

Irish Superstition

Photo Credit: Rannpháirtí anaithnidI love the Irish connection to deep feeling; tragedy, pri...more

Etiquette & Elopement

I know those two words don't really go together--eloping isn't so much a rules game. But they might if you are a fully-grown adult who no longer makes decisions for parental effect (OK, those qualities can coexist). I guess what I'm saying is that the reasons people "elope" are diverse and guidance regarding how not to offend might be a help....more

Today Is My 13th Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 13th Wedding Anniversary!  I can't believe how fast the years have flown by. Look at my little babies!My husband is an amazing dad. He didn't have kids when he married me but he stepped up and did an incredible job parenting our children....more
Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of magical moments and fond memories :)more

Celebrating Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

Without a doubt money can’t buy love, and money certainly didn’t buy our 30 years of marriage. We’ve seen our share of good times and bad times. We’ve seen each other through health and sickness. We’ve seen money just-enough to sustain us and poverty enough to ensure devotion and humility. For our relationship to have lasted this long, we needed to quickly adapt a short memory and increase an endless supply of compassion and forgiveness. We also discovered that friendship is just as important as being lovers!...more
@Jane Collins Alright, Jane, I will send a note. Thank you for all your help! :)more

3 Down

I talk a lot here about being a mom, but I don't write very often about being a wife. And I'm going to be honest: I find marriage to be infinitely more difficult than parenthood. Being a parent comes very naturally to me: I work off instinct, gut feeling, and a lot of common sense, and that's done us well so far. That's not to say that I have not struggled some days or weeks. Having a kid is ridiculous. But I am (for the most part) confident in my abilities as her mother, and his as her father. I am not always confident, however, in my role as wife. I struggle. Some days, a lot....more

Cookin' Up A Kitchen And Recipe Shower...

Although the deadline for mailing the Save-the-Dates was looming over my head like a black cloud, guests were arriving for the weekend and I still had not found the time to box up all of my Christmas decorations, another shower was on the calendar for today...a recipe and kitchen shower! ...more

Surprise Birthday Parties

Do you like surprise birthday parties?It does put the special person on the spot.I'm not sure that I like them thrown for me, but what fun it is to plan good times for someone else and have everyone in on the secret. I suppose the ends justify the means as only a group of people with the best of intentions would go to all of the trouble of creating such a festive get together....more
"...something we might choose to do for all of our adult friends as we parent each other through ...more