My 10th anniversary cruise to Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Colombia and Aruba!

I blogged about my first cruise to celebrate my 10th anniversary! Check out my blog Barlow Ohana  :)...more

Plus Sized and Pregnant

First off...Not me, don't worry....more

Sending Flowers For Valentine's Day? Go Local, or Make Them Organic

Red roses For Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, giving flowers often seems like a gift from Mother Nature herself.But when flowers are doused in pesticides and transported long (i.e., energy-intensive) distances, their eco-appeal quickly evaporates. The health impact conventionally-grown flowers has makes them even less desirable....more

8 Things that Wedding Guests (rightfully) Bitch About

1. Sending Ms. Doe & Mr. Smith an invite addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Smith...more

We Came to Dance

The Married Man Chronicles: RedDelish

  If someone were to ask me would I date a married man, I’d have to say “Absolutely not!!”  However I have dated one in the past and while a married man is a married man, I felt there was justification to my situation. ...more

Why do women that date married men seem to need to feel "right" all the time?


Modest Review: Red Velvet Truffles by Miriam Hope

Over the past few years the baking scene has revamped its love for red velvet cake. I've been a fan of red velvet cake since I was a kid, and to be quite honest I've always been a little uppity when it comes to red velvet cake. No one could quite make it like my grandmother's cousin, Letha Mae. I've tasted Cheesecake Factory's red velvet cheesecake and I've sampled Kara's Cupcakes tiny red velvet cupcakes....more

Five good reasons why you should take homeopathy seriously

Homeopathy – it’s here, it heals and helps and it’s not just a ‘placebo’ or an alternative to ‘try’ Homeopathy heals and helps us.  It’s official, it’s scientific and it’s here to stay, if those of us who use it, rely on it and find relief from illness by applying homeopathy have anything to do with it.  If you care about your health at all, it’s time you had something to do with it too.  Here’s some more thought-changing information and facts to help you on the road to bringing homeopathy in your life, mentioning your successes to your doctor or care...more

Dance, Dance, Dance