On a Stick and in My Budget: Fun Wedding Food Ideas

I love wedding stuff that's not only fun to plan, but a blast for guests and relatively cheap. Inspired by a vendor we featured recently, Bella's Concessions, I spent an hour or two admiring country-fair and carnival style weddings all over the web (check out my resulting pin board). I love the idea of fairground-style food, barbecues, and casual buffets to keep things fun for all ages and easy on the wallet....more
I love the retro popcorn bags. So cute. I like the chocolate cigars ...more

Unplugging And Recharging...On A "Private Island"

When our plane hit the ground at the Key West Airport, some big drops of rain began to fall from the sky.  I didn't care...we were almost to our destination; Little Palm Island Resort.  Robby grabbed our luggage while I headed outside to get in line for what I imagined to be very few taxies waiting to whisk visitors away.  After telling a couple of them where we were going (to catch our boat out to the island...), they shook their head, saying that was a 30 minute ride; too far of a fare for them to take....more

40% Chance of Rain

It's cool, wet, foggy and crisp. The smell of wet earth, recently quenched of thirst is outside my window. This is one of my favorite types of days....more

Shoe envy - brides are making bold choices for wedding day footwear.

I've noticed a trend lately in the photo shoots and real life wedding pictures I've seen submitted to blogs and magazines.  Brides are making bold and unusual choices for their wedding day footwear.  The plain white satin pumps are gone, and have been replaced with shoes with with striking colors, details and silhouettes, or even non-traditional choices such as sneakers, flip flops or cowboy boots....more

When You Finish Your Fifth Half Marathon You Get A Medal AND An Engagement Ring

I registered for the Austin Half Marathon months ago with the intention of rocking the course.  I had just completed the Rock n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon while working through an injury.  I felt so proud of just finishing when my body was so out of wack that I set my sights high.  I ended up being sick quite a bit in the time between the end of October and February 19th 2012....more
What a beautiful finish to your race!  Congrats!!!   If your looking for more half marathons to ...more

We don't Learn to Love, We Learn to Unlove

I'm going to my cousin's wedding today, it's just a court marriage for now, but it's exciting none-the-less. When thinking about marriage, I was just wondering when and how we learn to love.  I remember learning my times tables and somewhere in the middle learning about the Civil War, but I don't remember specific lessons on love.  It's funny that there is no manual, because it's the only thing that we do that really matters.  ...more

Private Island Anniversary Trip!

OK, so here I am sitting at the Miami airport. Caitlin and I woke up early so she could make her morning flight back home. Me...I got to walk about 40 miles (I know; I'm dramatic )...to MY next gate to get checked in for a late afternoon flight to my next destination for 5 DAYS! Now, about that 40 mile hike through the airport...It just so happened that my gate was at the entire other end of the terminal from where Caitlin's was. I asked an attendant how far it was; he said, "Oh, about 2 blocks." Don't ever believe those people; they obviously DON'T know how far a block is!...more


One hello. One goodbye. One ordinary moment is all it takes for the life you once knew to be replaced....more

Exclusive: Bachelor Pad 2 Winner Holly Durst Plans Honeymoon in St. Lucia with Fiancé Blake Julian

By Lori Bizzoco for CupidsPulse.com...more
Great blog!  This is the cutest couple to ever come out of one of those silly reality tv shows! ...more

Yet another amazing giveaway for a lucky bride and groom!

I found another amazing giveaway today, this time courtesy of Brenda's Wedding Blog and UPrinting.  The lucky winner will receive a free stretched canvas print of their favorite wedding or honeymoon photo!  This will make such a wonderful keepsake for the lucky couple.  For more information, click here to read my blog post....more