20 Things I've Learned after 20 Years in California

It’s been a big week for milestones ’round here.Monday was Mark and my seven year wedding anniversary. Say what you will about this marital mile-marker, but we have thus far experienced no itchiness. Phew....more

wild honeymoon · Skane (Sweden)

Our trip started in Copenhagen. We stayed there for three days - which, by the way, was more than enough to visit the main sites - then we crossed Øresund Bridge by train (super cool!). As we got to Sweden, we rented a car and... headed north!...more

Fairy godmother gets married

I finally kissed the right Frog, Prince charming asked me to marry him on top of a mountain (How romantic!) and I said Yes!Dad has approved and my mom’s wedding ring was taken out of the safe. Now I have the opportunity to plan my dream wedding, a fairytale come true.We have not decided on a date as of yet, we will probably have a two year engagement and then decide. We also are paying for most of the wedding ourselves and need to start saving money....more

Vow Renewal Music Playlist

Several months ago, my boyfriend's dad, Donnie, approached me about organizing a Vow Renewal ceremony for he and his wife Arlene, in celebration of their 30th Wedding Anniversary. If there's something I love, its organizing things. And of course, I wanted to share this every step of the way and what I was doing, but I'm not sure if she read's my blog and didn't want to overtly ask her (that seems pretentious, no?). So I started by contacting the cruiseline, and from there started the emails and phone calls back and forth with the planners....more

Anniversaries Abound

This is a big week for me. The babies turned three on the 10th. These days, when they're not playing games like "chef" they're "helping" me clean or do laundry. ...more

Music Therapy: Songs to Help You Survive Your Wedding

I'm getting married next week. Married. MAR-RIED. And I can't sit still. Thus far in the wedding planning process I have succeeded at being Bridechilla (not my creation, see my friend Andy for copyright), but I can feel myself unraveling at the ends a bit as the days pass....more

Is He About to Pop - the Question, That Is!

 Hello Fellow Bloghers, ...more

married life: our three month anniversary!

So it's been three months already. Time flies!  I've heard many times people say marriage would change us. That we would become alienated from some of our friends, distant to each other. That marriage ruins everything and nothing would ever be the same again. I never worried about that, you know. If there is something in this life I'm sure of, it is the truthfulness of our relationship....more

Here's a Quarter (Century) With Someone Who Cares

My husband I have been married 25 years, a quarter of a century, this week.  Amazing, huh, since I’m only 24 years old?  I remember anniversaries being a big deal back in my parents’ day – the 25th anniversary was called the “Silver Wedding Anniversary” (your 50th, if you live that long, is called the “Golden Wedding Anniversary”, BTW)....more

Amusement Parks: The Rides Are Only PART of the Amusement

Truly a reality TV show could be filmed daily at amusement parks.  I never realized the name  "Amusement Park" could be so literal until last year's October trip to Walt Disney World with my husband and kids.  A woman, clearly not an American, was wearing spandex pants.  And she wasn't exercising or on her way to the gym.  But that is not the worst part.  When she bent over to attend to her children, the material went see-through and we were all treated to a Halloween G-String.  The pants were pretty much nonexistent.  As in INVISIBLE!...more