We're In Love. Get Over It.

Friday was JDubbs's and my fourth wedding anniversary.  We didn't do anything elaborate, but when you have two kids under three and the younger littlin' just got three teeth at the same time (including one molar), getting out to dinner a mile and a half away is a blessing and as much a present as we could ask for. I didn't bring my camera.  We turned our phones to vibrate and didn't ask the waiter to take our picture.  So on the way ...more

Gluten-free Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Brides, if you have guests on your list who are going gluten-free and you're confused about how to accommodate their needs, you're not alone. Increasingly, brides are dealing with gluten-intolerant or Celiac guests, whose special diets can be puzzling. The term "gluten-free" simply means food made without any wheat or wheat by-products, which takes the traditional wedding cake off the table for these wedding-goers. While you may not want to design your whole cake around just a handful of guests, there are a few quick and easy ways to improve your gluten-free guests' experience....more

Newlyweds take D.C.!

This week's blog is up on TheNextFamily.com - and we're following the D.C. segment of our honeymoon.  Feel free to stop by, check it out, and leave some love if you are so inclined...and thanks for reading!http://thenextfamily.com/2011/06/lesbian-newlyweds/ Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

2nd Annual Blog Commenting Challenge!

Last year, in July, I hosted a commenting challenge bloghop. Several hundred bloggers participated and I've continued getting emails this year asking if I will host another one, sooooo.......more
i think this is the best way to share our websites and our activities and thanks for Mr.admin ...more

The Anniversary

Earlier this year, my husband’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. This is a very important milestone for any couple. It was an especially important event for my husband. I felt that he really needed to celebrate and honor his parents…more than they did. I think that having his parents renew their vows would restore his faith in marriage and hope for us to strengthen ours. As I witnessed them renewing their vows, I took stock of this couple before me. This couple, who enveloped me in their love by accepting me into their family as their daughter-in-law....more

Buon Anniversario a Mi

Today is my husband and I's 4th anniversary. It's hard to believe that we have been married for 4 years. It's gone by so quickly and I've thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 ;). We won't talk about the first one - let's just say it was hard. I love my husband because he's cool:...more

Newlyweds in New York

The latest installment is up at TheNextFamily.com, as the story of our wedding/honeymoon journey continues!  Feel free to check it out and leave some love, if you are so inclined :)http://thenextfamily.com/2011/06/lesbian-newlyweds-in-new-york/ Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

The Poor Little Rich Girl's Wedding

The bride-to-be lives in Hong Kong with her wealthy boyfriend. Before he proposed marriage, she earned $30,000 a year. With no college degree and minimum professional skills, there was little chance that she would ever earn more.However, her wedding fantasy, the one she’s had ever since she got the Barbie doll with all the wedding outfits when she was five years old, is alive and pulsing. Her biggest challenge was finding a Ken who could give her the wedding she craved....more

Our Wedding Day: The Beginning of Our Beautiful Adventure

Last week's blog is up on TheNextFamily.com...we're finally up to the wedding day!!  Check it out...enjoy...leave some love if you are so inclined!http://thenextfamily.com/2011/06/lesbian-wedding/Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

Life With My Husband: Who is 35 years older

This article was ...more