Mother of the bride: Diary entry 2

Redneck wine glasses....more

Upcycling the Family Jewels

I've never been a lady who's excited by diamonds and have only recently looked forward to wearing a wedding ring. That's just because I want to save the lone men trolling the aisles of Barnes & Noble for nerdy women the trouble of a pointless conversation. I assume they look for a wedding ring, I'm not sure that's true....more

Wedding Planning - Part 4

Wedding Planning is now in full swing now that the New Year has begun. So from now on, when posting about the planning, I am going to add to a permanent list. You'll see what I mean as follows. I will also take my first wedding related trip to LV in February. Can't wait!!! 1.  Ceremony...more

Planning our “Second” Wedding: Why Validate Our Marriage in the Church?

The Hubby and I decided recently to have our marriage blessed by the Catholic Church.Dating since college, we had planned  on getting married eventually but certain factors complicated the matter….like Mother Nature. A surprise pregnancy, more exactly. Given our time limitations, we decided to get married in city hall, surrounded by our closest friends and family, and six-month pregnant....more

Anniversary Update: Husbands, you’ll be sorry your wife read this…..

This post is for my Mother who has been calling for 2 days to find out what Hubby did for our anniversary this year.  That’s the kind of reputation he has around here!  I officially have the best husband in the world!  Really, it’s not an exaggeration.  Every year I eagerly anticipate what he has planned for our anniversary.  This year was no different....more

365 Days of Blessings – Day 40 – Surprises

I am thankful for surprisesThis is on my mind today (at 12:09 am!) because my husband is in Newfoundland.  But in a few hours he is getting up at some unearthly hour to fly home, pick Poppet and me up and head to some top-secret destination.  You see, tomorrow is our 14th wedding anniversary....more

50 Years and Counting....

Happy 42nd Annivesary Mom & Dad!

Happy 42nd Anniversary Mom & Dad All you need is love.  ~John Lennon & Paul McCartney...more

Toasting your Father: Tips from a Best Daughter

When my dad announced he and his long-time sweetheart were going to tie the knot, I was thrilled! Just a few days before the wedding, my dad's fiance asked me to be the best man. All I had to do was hold the rings and make a toast. Sure, I could handle that--daughters can be best men, too. I started doing a bit of research about best man toasts online, but the tips I found were bizarrely unfitting for toasting one's father and new wife. Do I really need to be reminded not to swear, tell crass jokes, and avoid discussing sex? No. ...more