Guest Blogger: Not a Bride Yet

Yesterday, you read a post from one of my very first readers. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the other of my very first readers, Mimi, from Not a Bride Yet. Mimi was married almost two years ago (goes by so fast!), and since then she's been busy with a new project: her baby boy, Henry. I was excited when she, too, agreed to write a post here about the hectic life of a new mom....more

I totally relate to this piece, even though I didn't even try to do the cloth diapers and a few ...more

8 Days and counting: Royal wedding

On April 29 at 11 am London time (6 am EST), history will be made--the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey....more

Guest Blogger: Kiara King

Once again, we have a guest blogger today, Kiara King, who blogs in two places now: Henry Reigns (her former wedding planning blog) and her newest design inspiration blog titled simply, Kiara King. Kiara is beautiful (what I wouldn't kill for gorgeous, red hair like that!) and had a beautiful wedding last fall....more

Photography was something we decided we'd splurge on. It's a hobby of mine, and I wanted to ...more

If you hate the Royal Wedding (already)

If you hate the Royal Wedding already......Here the solution!!!! (read more)From

Guest Blogger: Crabs & Coconut (plus a little shrimp)

When I first started blogging, I had two readers. They appeared out of nowhere, and I was so happy to have them. We sort of became a little threesome. We commented on each others' blogs, kept up with what we were doing, and basically stalked each other. One day, I was heartbroken when I went to one of the blogs, Crabs & Coconuts, and saw that Sommer, the blogger, had written a post saying that she and her fiance were calling off their wedding, and saying she was going to take down the blog....more

And I couldn't be happier for my (blog) friend! : O )more

Guest Blogger: Musing on Beauty

So there are actually two big surprises for this week! The first is that our wedding is being featured on A Practical Wedding today! Yay!! You can head there to check it out! I am super psyched since I wrote the post a while back, but only recently got brave enough to submit it....more

Sweet Wedding

It's been a long, long time since I posted a wedding. I happened onto this adorable wedding via StumbleUpon, and fell in love with its woodsy wonderfulness!...more

Life Changer

It was 4 a.m, I lay quietly in bed, barely able to contain myself. This day had special significance, it was goal setting time. I was hungry with anticipation and quietly rolled down the covers, slipped into my robe and tip toed into the kitchen....more

Our Anniversary: The Details (Finally!)

Here's how we spent our anniversary. We actually kicked off the celebrating on Saturday night. We prepped for the big day by finally getting around to trying a new Italian pizzeria near our place called Ciao Napoli. It was delicious, and we'll for sure be heading back soon. We drank some good wine, ate some delicious pizza, and then we were stuffed....more