Amusement Parks: The Rides Are Only PART of the Amusement

Truly a reality TV show could be filmed daily at amusement parks.  I never realized the name  "Amusement Park" could be so literal until last year's October trip to Walt Disney World with my husband and kids.  A woman, clearly not an American, was wearing spandex pants.  And she wasn't exercising or on her way to the gym.  But that is not the worst part.  When she bent over to attend to her children, the material went see-through and we were all treated to a Halloween G-String.  The pants were pretty much nonexistent.  As in INVISIBLE!...more

Making Wedding Dreams Come True for Terminally Ill Patients

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Warning: This post may make you hungry and want to go on vacation ... {PART ONE}

Just saying!So I promised photos of our trip to Northern Michigan last weekend ... and I finally found some time to edit photos and post! Yay for that!So this is part one of two - the anniversary getaway part. The part where we packed our bags mid-week and booked a last-minute trip to Traverse City to stay at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa....more

Always A Bridesmaid, Never A...Get Over It!


The Wedding Curse

We were married 17 years ago today.  But we're not celebrating.The problem isn’t the state of the union—but the date of the union. Flashback to 1994.  It’s my second marriage—a small wedding on short notice—and it involves complicated logistics— work, two sets of kids, and me relocating from Los Angeles to Carmel.  To settle my kids before starting a new school, we settle on July 17—telling family and a few friends who make plans to come....more

The Day I Married My Best Friend

Six years ago today, I was standing in the living room at my mother's log house. White ballet slippers and clenching tightly to a bouquet of red austramariums, I could hear the string quartet playing outside the door. I had searched high and low for a great string quartet. I couldn't tell you today the name of the group or how I found them. My emotions were starting to get the best of me and excitement was welling up. Today was my wedding day....more

this is a very sweet story and as they say, one of the the happiest people are those who ended ...more

our honeymoon · Copenhagen

As I told you before, we spent our honeymoon in Scandinavia. I said I would write more about it and well... here it is!The only plans we made for our trip were to buy plane tickets and make a reservation for a hotel in Copenhagen, since we were surely going to spend at least three days there and also, because it was going to be the first nights of our honeymoon, we wanted something nice....more

Give Your Wedding Some Social Media Flair

I thought this would be a fun post and offer some insight and stimulate ideas, whether you’re planning a wedding, daydreaming of a wedding or helping a friend with wedding details. I’m currently the maid of honor for my sister’s wedding and have been helping her with details here and there. All this wedding chatter between her, my mom and my friends got me thinking about how to use social media in wedding planning and other wedding related things. I’m not suggesting ditching the custom stationary save-the-date cards, bridal shower or wedding invites....more

Kids in Weddings

Some couples know without a doubt that they will have children in their wedding. Others are on the fence about the decision. On the one hand, they are obviously adorable, no matter what they do, it is funny or cute,  you can dress them up how you want, and you love them, they are probably your family or children of loved ones....more

The "F" Word: A planner's least favorite thing to hear

No, not THAT F word...FRIEND.  As in -  Planner: "do you have a photographer yet?" Client: "my friend will be doing that".  Cue ringing in our ears and our hearts dropping. When a planner hears "my friend will be doing that" what we instantly fear is a. no contract, b. no experience (or no paid experience anyway), c. limited understanding of how to work with other vendors and their mutual client, d. no communication with them prior to the event, e. a disappointed client....more