Unhappy Marriage...Time to Renegotiate

Sometimes "happily ever after" becomes a husband who enjoys untold amounts of free time and a wife left to clean up the mess. We can ask politely or we can scream over a week or 8 years, but it doesn't seem to change anything for more than a few days. How did we get here? My Story: No one ever thought I was getting married. I needed too much freedom. I was by all accounts selfish and I had a nasty little habit of stringing guys along. Who knew I'd make a GREAT wife! ...more

That's a continual process for me too! It's not so bad to be a work in process, though.

I ...more

A Feminist Wife: Being Married is Hard

Being married is hard. Well, it is.  Three weeks in, at least....more

I wish I could shed some light on this issue, but I'm still unmarried. That being said, I ...more

Healthy Relationships: Differentiation of Self

Post first appeared on my blog: http://lifetime2love.blogspot.com/2010/10/healthy-relationships-differentiation.html...more


I totally agree. Recognizing that so much was lacking is what inspired my blog. I ...more

For Every New Facebook Fan of Big Heart Baby Clothing Co, 6 cents is donated to children’s charities.

Starting Today, October 24th, 2010 Big Heart Baby Clothing Co. will Donate 6 cents to children’s charities for every new person to “Like” Big Heart Baby on Facebook.Go to the Big Heart Baby Facebook Page, "Like" and suggest it to friends....more

My relationship advice to newlyweds Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Omigod! Who'd have thunk it? Pop tart Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand went out and got married! I guess my invitation got lost in the mail....more

Wow, just saw this comment today, so excuse me for not following up prior to now...

I ...more

Crazy = Wonderful

October 2006 through October 2007 will forever go down as the year I went crazy. Now, I don’t use the word “crazy” lightly. But the time line of what happened in those months is as follows: October 21, 2006: Husband and I got married Two weeks later: Husband and I find out his graduate advisor is moving from the University of Minnesota to The Ohio State University, and we must move as well. January 1, 2007: We move from St. Paul, MN to Columbus, OH. ...more

gorgeous islands (which one to choose...)

craig sent me a link to the "world's most romantic islands".  omg they are gorgeous!  we still don't know where exactly we want to honeymoon, but we do know that we want a combo of culture/fun and super relaxation.  our thought was to split our time...5-7 days in one place then another 5-7 days somewhere else.  could be fun, right?!  that way, we could get the best of both worlds.  maybe touring california wine country for a week then heading south to a mexican beach for margaritas and coronas...more

Top Five Wedding Ring Tips For The Budget-Concious Fashionista

AAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! He proposed! OMG OMG OMG.  Now calm down and get excited to plan....everything! ...more

Galapagos Expedition | Day 6

Genovesa Island: El Barranco – Darwin Bay Welcome to bird island. Genovesa, also known as Tower Island (though I’ll always remember it as Bird Island), is quite small but geologically and biologically very interesting. The chemistry of its lavas is identical to lavas that erupt at mid-ocean ridges (a magma type called MORB, or mid-ocean-ridge-basalt) and quite different from most oceanic island lavas. ...more


Everybody is getting married. I haven't been a fan of weddings for quite some time. I always appreciate being invited, of course, but they are hard for me to sit through. I attended a co-worker's wedding over the weekend, the first wedding I've been to in years. All the feelings came back up again, as they do every time, and I was holding in emotions throughout. I don't feel negative about weddings. I don't think I do. Its hard for me to pinpoint exactly why I become so emotional. ...more

i sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason, that we learn from our experiences, it ...more