The Theme's The Thing

All celebrations need a theme. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate or extravagant theme, like King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table, or The Phantom of the Opera, or a Louis the XIV of France affair with fancy-dress attire and delectable food to match… although those themes do sound wonderful, don’t’ they?...more

A Real Wedding

Happy Friday! This has been a crazy week. On the one hand, my phone was stolen by someone at my job. On the other hand, I found out I won this grant I was working on for a long time! win some, you lose some. ...more

And The Beat Goes On

I’ve always felt a sincere connection to my ...more

Dance Steps

The world is a buzz with wedding news this week, as the British are broadcasting a real life fairy tale for the ages.  The heir to the throne has asked a commoner to be his queen.  In the words of my local DJ, "Everyone loves a love story".   This is true.  My family is living has it's own love story.  This weekend, as people rejoice over Prince William's engagement news, my family will be rejoicing at my cousin's bridal shower.  ...more

The Shift

There seems to come a point after you get married when you stop being boyfriend and girlfriend and start being husband and wife. And it's not when you say, "I do." Shortly after we married, everyone would ask A.P. and I if it felt different. "It" being that we were married now, and no longer living in sin. For the most part, I always responded with the joke, "No, it feels like the same boring sh*t." And I meant it, because at the time, it did feel like the same boring sh*t. But it feels different....more

I agree with you completely, Patty. Sadly, I'm an analyzer. It's what I do for a living, and ...more

Not At All Wordless Wednesday! (Engagement entry!)

Ignore my gross hand, ya'll. Focus on the ring!...more

Much more than a wedding gown

It’s not my fault if my wedding dress is gorgeous and I wish I could wear it every day!...more

The Princess Bride: What Yesterday's Big Engagement Means To Me

i'm actually really interested to see how everything works out and i am hoping that they will ...more