Wedding Wednesday! Wedding Registry

I was set on not having a wedding registry. I don't like to be greedy, but dammit, we need stuff..hehe. Jon is leaving everything up to me. Thank you very much.Since we are not having a reception ( just dinner at our favorite restaurant) I will have to plan a small party for April a week or 2 before the wedding. We have a small apartment so I hope the weather will be nice and warm by April.  Thinking about it, that little outside party ( not a cookout) can be the reception. I really want to shove cake up Jon's nose :)...more

5 Wedding Items Totally Worth the Splurge!

To save or to splurge? This is, quite possibly, one of the biggest questions a bride asks herself when it comes to throwing her wedding. Until you are actually shoulder deep in the planning process, it is hard to grasp just how expensive saying ‘I do’ really is.So, what details are worth the big bucks?Check out the following splurge-worthy items that you don’t have to feel guilty about! ...more
Agreed! The guest list is super important - it controls almost all your other costs and can ...more

Wedding Needle to Fabric

The history of quilts as utilitarian items stretches back thousands of years. In fact, the word quilt is adapted from the French cuilte, which grows out of the Latin culcita (“a stuffed sack”)....more

The Introvert's Guide to Surviving Family Weddings

The thing about family weddings is that family is there, in Costco volume. This is amazing, wonderful and a blessing, but also a bit overwhelming for those of us that don't feed off the energy of others. I recently attended a wedding that was lovely and very introvert friendly, but I put together a plan for next time. These are some helpful hints to surviving a large, noisy family function without alienating others.The Restroom is the Best Hiding Spot Ever...more
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Nine Volts

Chirp.My brain is asleep. So is my body. The noise doesn’t fully register.After a quick blip of “Huh?” I drop back into the blackness of sleep.Chirp....more

Wedding Wednesday! Less than 5 months to go!

The Food, cake and favors!April 25 will be here soon. I am so thankful my fiance (Jon) and I are going small, tiny. Since I've been married before , I know the stress that can come with planning and I really don't want to repeat that.By now we should have a reception hall booked. But since we are going small we are just going to invite a small group of people to join us at our favorite local restaurant that opened a few months ago. Their food is sooooo good.  Its mostly BBQ ( which I don't eat) luckily they have fish and chips. <3...more

Unconventional Wedding Ideas: Note to Self (and to Others!)

My boyfriend and I have been discussing our own preferences for children (I want one boy but he wants five girls!) and it got me thinking about weddings and getting engaged. I'm not really like other girls who love looking for pictures of white gowns and venues for the wedding reception, so I knew that coming up with an article on unconventional wedding ideas would be so "me"....more

DIY String Art

The past two years I have tried to steer my Christmas present purchases away from traditional gifts and more towards hand-made gifts. I'm lucky enough to be (semi) creative and personally prefer giving someone a gift I made rather than one I bought. Luckily, my family actually likes getting homemade gifts! (because there are definitely people who do not!) We're finally all old enough to ask for single, meaningful/useful gifts instead of huge amounts of presents on Christmas....more

How To Get The Size Diamond Someone Like YOU Deserves!

Myself: 17% Together: 25% I gave guidelines:  11% I gave direct hints: 13% He surprised me: 34%What are these statistics for? These are the results of a survey given by The BAA (Bridal Association of America) to recently married females.  The question:  “Who picked out your engagement ring?”...more
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Thanksgiving Day

From my blog, Take It Easy published 27 November 2014...more