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4 Elements of a Great Food Photo

Photography is different depending on your niche. However, there are four basic elements of a great photo that should lead you in the right direction, especially when you're trying to get your food photos noticed....more

Quick, Crazy-Simple, and Fail-Free Rag Quilt Tutorial

Are you in a hurry to make a quilt? If you answered YES then this is the project for you! ...more

10 Must-Have Items to Take Your Photography to the Next Level

So you’ve mastered the basics of your DSLR, and now you're itching to stretch your photographic wings and be creative! Or have more control, or you just want to have fun! Today, I have 10 must-have items for your DSLR that will propel your photography to the next level....more

Two Simple Tools That Will Advance Your Phone Photography

Now that you’ve learned the basics of iPhone photography (and you know that the best camera you have is the one you have with you), let’s talk about some of the more advanced and fun tools you can use to up your iPhoneography game....more

How to Style and Hang a Modern Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are tricky business, especially for detailed oriented, type-A sort of people -- not that I know any of those sort of people, cough, cough....more

What I Learned From Dirt

I am practicing patience this week. Today a sunny, early spring day (we are off to a slow start in the notheast!), I headed straight to my garden. ...more
Your labor from your garden is worth it.more

How to Plant a No-Fail Container Garden

Do you want to make simple, easy container gardens that wow? I am often complimented on my flower containers and asked about how to make them....more
AmyGreene Hi Amy, Yes, I love looking at all of the flowers on porches in my neighborhood.more

How to Edit Photos on Your Phone With Snapseed, VSCOcam, Squaready, & Instagram

Now that you've learned to take great photos with your iPhone camera and other apps, it's time to edit! ...more
The most important part of Squaready or any app that adds a border to a photo is that you have ...more

Sew a Super Cute Zipper Pouch for Anything and Everything

I was walking through the store the other day and thinking that I would like to have a new pouch for my makeup in my purse so that it isn’t all over the bottom of my purse, but the ones at the store are so expensive. I don’t do expensive. ...more

Your Photos This Week: Composition and Focus

I've really enjoyed participating in and viewing your NaBloPoMo prompt photos which we paired with this month's BlogHer University lesson in photography. The photos you're sharing always encourage me to look at prompts and life with different eyes. ...more
Beautiful examples of the prompts, Jenna.  It always amazes me that interpretations are as ...more