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DIY faux deer taxidermy

At the after-Christmas sales last year I picked up a few fun new pieces to incorporate into my holiday decorating. ...more

Just had to Share what I am Feeling with you…

Tethered to a wire on the edge of abyss. Both scared but knowing it was inevitable. Hoping for just a little more time ....more

And "Baby" E Turns 3

E's birthday is actually tomorrow, but we celebrated all weekend with her favorites: 1.) Chuck E. Cheese and 2.) the beach. My favorite little girl in the world The beach was COLD, but she still had a blast: The sandcastle before she leveled it Godzilla-style Back to regularly scheduled DIYs soon! ...more

2 Organized Custom Closets with Before & Afters

I tackled this organizing project a few weeks ago but haven’t had a change to put together this blog post featuring the closet before and afters. ...more

Planning Ahead : I need your help!

We are just 100 days away from Christmas. We have 13 weekends left before the big day. Didn’t we just celebrate New Year’s? ...more

Cheesy Summer Squash

This time of year you may have lots of squash from the garden or farmer's market so I will share out absolute favorite way to cook up a batch of squash into cheesy summer squash. Take any summer squash and dice into junks. This is a good time to clean out your crisper drawer of any thing good to saute ....more

Repurposed Drawers into Wall Shelves

Last week, I showed you the trashed dresser that I turned Read More The post Repurposed Drawers into Wall Shelves appeared first on Knick Of Time ....more

Getting back to my little sweetie!

Yes, it's been awhile! But I get sidetracked easily and plus I was a bit intimidated about painting her face ~ But I did it!!! This weekend I just decided to go for it and if I messed up, I would just paint over it and start again ....more

Driftwood Fall Pumpkin Wreath

I am so bad with wreaths. I love how they look on other people's doors and I love all of the beautiful ...more

Walking Corea Heath

I’m feeling a bit panicky that summer has passed me by before I had a chance to enjoy it. After a morning of chores that included the exciting jobs of duck coop clean out and wood cutting, we abandoned thoughts of the impending winter and escaped to walk the Northern Corea Heath Trail in Gouldsboro. Everywhere, I saw signs of summer’s passing ....more