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A Few Things: Fern Trend

Fern Temporary Tattoo by Victoria’s Aviary. (I’m dying to go get another tattoo… maybe this will hold me over for a few more weeks.) Fern Oil Painting by Elizabeth Mayville. Organic Vase by Center Ceramics ....more

Behind the Blog: My Favorite Household Item For Taking Photos

It's time for my second "behind the blog" post. We are talking photography folks. Do you ever see those photos that are so bright + white it just takes your breath away? ...more

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts (Back to School Entryway)

School starts very soon around these parts so I put together a little "back to school" decor in our entryway. ...more

Summer Fun for a Mom of Three

This post brought to you by Ideal Image. All opinions are 100% mine. In March we welcomed little Oliver to our family ....more

Sometimes I just have had enough.

Sometimes I'm tired of taking the higher ground. Sometimes I'm tired of being walked all over. Sometimes I'm tired of not being able to say no ....more

Learn More About What Advertising Can Do {Educational Series}

We’re working hard behind the scenes around here....more

Cursor Quilt - American Quilter Magazine

I've officially become a mailman stalker again, my husband thinks it's hilarious, but it's always so exciting when new quilt magazines arrive....more

Toddler Swimsuit

Summertime is fading, and to be honest, I'm pretty sad about it. ...more

French Farmhouse Bedroom Source List

Back in June I revealed our French Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover. ...more

Hello Gorgeous

I don’t even know where to start with this post…what to say....more