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Just Muddle Through It

Last week I...more

On a Drizzly, Foggy Rainy Day ---

If yesterday was the perfect run around, enjoying every bit of nature we could grab day ---Then today was the “Let’s be lazy because it’s pouring buckets and the mountains are fogged over!” day.It worked for me.Yesterday plum wore me out --And I have to say that I am absolutely LOVING the sound of the rain pouring on the cabin’s new metal roof.Best choice ever!And when the sky opens up and presents us with a hosing deluge – all the better....more

5th Birthday Tea Party

This lovely FIFTH BIRTHDAY TEA PARTY was submitted by Shannon Morscheck of Lady's Little Loves. What a charming birthday affair! The tea bag sugar cookies are just adorable and I love the tea cup banner! ...more

Vintage Fairy Statue Image!

This is a cute Vintage Fairy Statue Image! Shown here is a card with some lovely Flowers, along with a Marble Fairy statue. The blank area is perfect for adding some text to use as a label or Gift Tag! ...more

Hubby’s Idea for a Rug

So for the last 5 months or so I’ve periodically been told by Hubby that there was a steer at the farm that he loved the coloring of really wanted to preserve the hide once it was butchered. ...more

A Scrapbook Layout Start to Finish in 11 minutes

I scrapbooked this week! It's been a while but I had some time yesterday during naptime to record my first video(!) of my scrapbooking process. I used a new cutting tool called the Gyro-Cut to add some fussy cut paper embellishments to my layout. I'll show you how it works in the video....more

Make This Chic Painted Popsicle Stick Basket

Popsicle stick crafts have come a long way, baby. What we once thought of strictly as a camp craft for kids has been elevated to an all-new level by savvy crafters. You can do pretty much anything with popsicle sticks, it turns out—like this cool tramp art-inspired basket I whipped up. ...more
Beautiful art! I love what you've done with this!more

My Maui backyard

I honestly believe in the saying, “Once a farmer’s daughter, always a farmer’s daughter.” Farm girls need the cool crunch of grass beneath their feet, and the umbrella of tall, protective tree branches, that reach high into the blue sky,...more

Romantic Rose Garden

Hello everyone, ...more

How to paint wood paneling

I remember when I was about 8 years old, my mom painted the wood paneling in her bedroom. She painted it white and filled in the grooves with sage green and pink. I'm not sure why she did the grooves that color, but it was the early 90s, so I'll cut her some slack :) I loved her room, even with with pink and green ....more