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30 days of Shirley Temple

Evening!So a few months ago I thought how cute it would be to do a Shirley Temple inspired series, just people making Shirley Temple dresses because fashion from the 30s and 40s was so adorable for little girls. It's hard though when you think you're the only one that would really care about such a thing so it just sort of went away because then there the hectic holiday period and lots of silly real life crap to wade through. That was until I randomly started looking at cute Shirley Temple dresses again a few days ago, and then suddenly I realised I'd seen that mass of curls and chubby cheeks, thoselitlte rosebud lips and that cute button nose somewhere else.. ....more

5 Clever {Real-Life} Pantry Storage Ideas

I love going to Open Houses, do you?...more

Colorful Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

This fabulously COLORFUL DR. SEUSS BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Lina Lina Siam of Lina's Events. Wow, what a spectacular party full of cute ideas! ...more

Hairbow Pegboard Organizer

If you have little girls, chances are you are being overrun by hair accessories. Either that, or you can never find a hairbow when you are looking for one. Truth? ...more

Mix Custom Chicken Treat Blends with NaturesPeck

-Sponsored Post- Those of you who read this blog or follow my Facebook page probably know that I love to make all kinds of fun treats for my chickens. One of my favorites to serve is warm oatmeal on a cold winter morning, with seeds, raisins and other yummy add-ins. I don't know if the treat actually warms their bellies, but I feel better serving them a hot meal first thing in the morning - and they sure gobble it up!...more

DIY leather wreath

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I’m especially excited to be back sharing this...more

New Bedding and Lush Decor Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was...more

10 ways to make DIY signs

When I need a fresh look for my walls, DIY signs are always my go to solution. From small and easy to put anywhere, to large enough to fill a whole wall, DIY signs are such an easy way to customize your space on a tight budget. Want to make your own? ...more

Ruby’s Move-In

When I walked in Ruby's new house again, I had to laugh. I looked at the massive amount of stuff she had stowed in the dining room and immediately was transported back to when I moved in my house over 2 years ago. The stuff, it is amazing how it seems to multiply on a move ....more

Easter Placemats (Free Printable)

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” - Marcel Proust Spring and Easter are just around the corner and today we’re celebrating with a spring printable vignette tour organized by my friend Kristen over at Ella Claire Inspired! ...more