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Open Console Tables + Square Ottomans

Dear Friends, My brain has been working overtime. ...more

Valentine’s Day Sweet Bar + Party

This sweet VALENTINE'S DAY SWEET BAR + PARTY was submitted by...more

Chia & Raspberry Breakfast Jars

As I sit here to write, I’m trying to decide where to begin. ...more

2015 Craftsy Blogger Awards Voting Time!

I need your help and it will only take a couple of minutes! I just found out that I have been nominated and am a finalist in Craftsy’s 2015 Blogger Awards! I am up for Best Tutorials! ...more

Five Ways to Use an Electric Dog Fence on Your Homestead

If you have a farm or homestead, you know how important it is to be organized and to have systems in place for dealing with any issues that arise. When you have pets, it’s especially important to take the necessary precautions for keeping them safe on your property. Traditional fences are often used to keep […] ...more

My Husband Couldn't Fix the Refrigerator, but I Could!

I'm not really that great at fixing stuff, never really have been.  I mean, I'm getting pretty good at building things and recreating ideas that pop into my head, or putting Barbie's head back on, but as far as like being the girl who changes her own oil or anything like that. Not me. ...more

How to Cook the Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs - Kitchen Quick Tip

We love hard boiled eggs and I often do a pan of them once a week. Here is the easiest, most cost effective way to cook perfect hard boiled eggs. Afterall, hard boiled eggs are the original protein bar ....more

My Favorite Overhead Light Fixtures

To me, there is nothing more lovely...more

Keurig K Cup Storage For The Vintage Lover

Raise your hand if you got a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas.Raise your hand if your counter looks like this. Raise your hand if you love vintage and thrift store decor.What? You don't have three hands?Now, what the heck does a vintage loving, coffee drinking girl do with all those little demon pods o'coffee? ...more

DIY Plywood Print Headboard

I finally got around to painting my room and making a headboard to go with my new bed. Waking up in a clean, fresh space has been amazing. This headboard is super simple but it’s one of my favorite DIY’s ....more