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Fourth of July Dessert

When I was younger my mother declared I was going to be Betsy Ross for the Fourth of July parade. Seriously. Everyone else in the neighborhood just decorated up their bikes with streamers and pedaled up the hill to patriotic music. Not my family. Not my mother. I mean....why ride a bike when you could dress the family up like the patriots of the American Revolution? I had a souped up costume with petticoats and lace and blue gingham and black ...more

Jelly Donut Muffins

This recipe is from my mother-in-law’s golden box of recipes. It is a version of a French Breakfast Muffin, but with a dollop of jam in the center. It tastes just like a fresh jelly donut. There is a little nutmeg in the batter and cinnamon on top. It is a delicious treat when you don’t [...] ...more

Thursday Giveaway: Leah Duncan Sketchbook

It’s Thursday!!  Can you smell the weekend yet?? ...more

DIY Seed Packet Garden Sign

DIY Seed Packet Garden Sign The post DIY Seed Packet Garden Sign appeared first on Eclectically Vintage ....more

Garage Sale Finds

Garage sales are so much fun.  I remember as a child going across the road to our neighbors when they were having a garage sale. There was some small trinket there that I liked - maybe a small fan.  I think it was a fan, and I kept opening and closing it.  You know, the handheld fans that fold up when not in use. Read More... The post Garage Sale Finds appeared first on Sew a Fine Seam ....more

Fabric Weekend Recap


Arrival Day!

Boy, what a long haul we had!  And this, is my first view of Irish Green Country side as we began our descent toward the Dublin airport ---- This is going to be really short as we will be loading up our bus soon for another day of touring….. Any time you have folks gathering from all corners of the earth to one place….it means a lot of waiting for other planes from far away places so we hung ...more

World’s Funnest Dad Giveaway!

The post World’s Funnest Dad Giveaway! appeared first on Chase the Star.It’s time to celebrate Dad’s!  Yesterday I shared my Father’s Day Gift Tutorial: My dad is a #cooldad and Grandpa, so I included that in the wording (‘hashtag’ also included!).  We have lots of memories together, but my favorites are those he shares with my kids. What’s your ‘funnest’ Dad memory’?   Did he teach [...] ...more

Perfect Summer Tee Week: Solid and Printed

Today I'm guest posting at Once Upon A Sewing Machine in their awesome Sewing for Boys series! They have guests every month along with boy tutorials and pattern reviews! You'll also want to check out the pictures of Henry. He has never been as photogenic as he was in these photos! ...more

Joy & Revelry White Box Challenge

I am super excited to introduce you to my blog friend, Courtney’s, latest adventure. Courtney Lake is one of the oh so talented designers launching Joy & Revelry. Courtney is one of the six style/social media mavens chosen to curate beautiful  furnishings and accessories for their own virtual storefronts featured on the site ....more