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Homemade Spray or Roll On Deodorant

Make sure you sign up for the Soap Giveaway 5 Winners Announced this Monday I love my homemade deodorant....more

Summer Coastal Table

Every year you go to the beach and spend hours with your head down, early mornings, late afternoons, searching. Looking, for awesome shells and you get home and wonder what to do with them. Or maybe you didn’t find any shells at the beach but you stopped at one of those souvenir shops and bought a couple bags ....more

Cookie Bottom Mini Cheesecakes

This is an original post from Todays Creative Blog ...more

Ants at Brunch

This week for the family brunch, I decided to bring some ants to the table… an indoor picnic with some little critters. Red and white checked makes the table feel very summery… is that a word? Start with the tablecloth Red geraniums… ....more

Backyard Birthday Party and Dessert Canopy

My mom and cousin share a birthday month so we often celebrate their birthdays together at our house....more

How to Identify Yellow Jackets and Protect from Being Stung

Summertime is here and I can’t keep shoes on the kids… …or clothes for that matter. I think my kids inherited it from me. I have fond memories of running around our backyard as a child barely clothed ....more

A Visit To Montpellier, Regional Fare and Camargue Horses

Several years ago my cousin and her family hosted a French foreign exchange student. Over the years they have continued to correspond and visit one another. Their French student, Thérése, grew up to be a beautiful dentist....more

A DIY Burlap and Wire Laundry Hamper

I mentioned a while back that the husband was working long hours, leaving me time to work on crafty-type projects that I'd been putting off. (That's the polite way of saying it. The truth would be that I get so bored after awhile that building a house of cards begins to seem riveting, ergo, craft time!) This is one of those projects ....more

Our Golden Story

Disclaimer: ...more

Wednesday Redo: Altered Thrift Art

One of the beauties of thrifting, is never knowing what you'll find. I love that. Maybe you'll find exactly what you're looking for...or maybe you'll end up making it your own.. ....more