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Easy, No-Sew Designer Pillow Covers from Napkins

 DID YOU KNOW you can make almost anything without knowing how to sew one stitch?DID YOU KNOW that linen table napkins are the perfect size for throw pillows (typically square 16×16″ or 20×20″), come in sets of 4, and are offered by designers at outlets such as TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls?DID YOU KNOW that custom pillow covers can alone tie a room together perfectly to give your space a well-decorated feel?Now, let’s get the designer look with our very own easy, no-sew Pillow Covers!...more

What nightlife means to me

My first ever safari was the ...more

Offbeat Holidays in June - 44 June Bucket List Ideas

We like to do snacks, crafts, and activities based on weird holidays. Every day is an excuse to celebrate something. We need no excuse to party. This was intended to be a quick post, since I look up this kind of stuff anyways, but instead it grew into a giant roundup of celebratoriness. This is, perhaps, the best post ever. SO MUCH FUN in one post! It's like a bucket list for the month of June. This post has a lot of ideas homeschoolers and preschool moms could use to take a break from the pesky worksheets and stuff....more

How to make a Homemade Piñata

 I have been getting slammed with FREE magazines lately. I am not complaining because I do read each of them! Now that I have them, read them, what do I do with them? I donated TONS....more

FF - I heart this quote 2

I've enjoyed showcasing some of my favorite photographers during National Photography Month, and I plan to do it again next May. I can imagine how many eye-candy creators I'll be featuring, now that I have a year to plan! For my last photo post, I choose two pictures - one of Niles Beach in Gloucester, and the other of a Shagbark Hickory tree in my backyard....more

10 Budget-Friendly Ways To Home Decoration

Pretty Sweet Home… not a lot of time to decorate? Use these 10 simple budget-friendly craft ideas that made you smile.

Sun lovers

It felt like a near-death experience. Me. Turbo kickboxing after eight months away. Burning chest, raspy breathing, nausea. And my chipper instructor was happily babbling about the weather. While I glared, I somehow absorbed her information: Low 90s this weekend. No way! Too soon.But it's almost June and in Sacramento that spells summer heat.The only thing good about it? The (five month) burst of hot sun will be fabulous for my burgeoning tomato garden....more

Old photos, or family stories?

Wooden Spoon Garden Labels

How to Start an Herb Garden