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Turn a Mason Jar Into a Spillproof Cup with a Straw!

The glassware of choice in this house is the mason jar.  It's simple, easy to replace, durable and goes with all the dishes.  We are still working our way out of the every cup needs a lid phase of life with little ones...because if they don't have a lid... This inevitably happens.  On purpose and on naughty.  Yep.  ...more
This is definitely an amazing way for me to drink out of my mason jar on the go....without ...more

Overhaul Your Ceiling Fan for Less Than $10

Oh my gosh, we seriously cannot believe how great this Before and After turned out. One of our biggest goals for this year is to spiffy up items we already have. This is a great way to personalize an out-of-date home fan without purchasing a new one. ...more
I would prefer for the dirty white fan to be repainted white.  To me having the fan white looks ...more

Make Your Someone Special a Finger Knit Flower Bouquet

Mother's Day, Administrative Assistant's Day, so many days coming up that call for flowers. You could hit the florist, or you could hit the craft store and make a bouquet that will last until next year. ...more
Oh! We're going to give this a try! So charming -- thanks Vickie Howell :-)more

How to Make DIY Scrabble Tile Cufflinks

Inspired by a pair of monogrammed cufflinks that Kevin Spacey's character, Frank Underwood, was given on House of Cards, I created my own pair to celebrate National Scrabble Day! ...more

How to Make an Herb Garden From a Pallet

I have always wanted to make an herb garden, but with a small yard, four children, and two dogs, there is not much room left for an herb garden, or any garden for that matter. ...more
This is adorable. I am especially interested in your vinyl labels. I've never done this. Can you ...more

Are You Organizing That Stuff or Just Hoarding It?

I've been buried in my basement for over a week now as part of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge, and I still can't see the end in sight. ...more
I'm married to a hoarder and have to throw things away when he's not looking. I disliked that ...more

How to Sew a Monogrammed Needle Booklet

A few weeks ago, I wrote this Sewing Kit Essentials post. A handful of you asked about the size of the kit, where I got it and how often I carry it around with me. ...more
Wow!!! What a honor! Thank your for featuring my post. It means a lot. Off to celebrate :)more

How to Find Pretty Bird Pictures for Your Blog

[Even though the chance to participate in Draw a Bird Day has almost flown (see what I did there?), you can find pretty birds and all kinds of graphics over at The Graphics Fairy, along with crafts and other fun DIY projects. - Rita] ...more
Excellent post! I search Photos always on, which ...more

How to Make DIY Polka Dot Party Lights

I don't know why, but I appear to be obsessed with decorative lighting. It's my favorite go-to craft!...more
This is great, I love how thrifty you are!!!  I will have to try it out. Did the ping-pong balls ...more

What I Learned From My Cleaning Lady

When I went through a long period of serious illness, we hired a cleaning lady. Some people feel guilty about hiring someone to clean for them, but not me. Cristina was heaven-sent, and I would hire her back in a heartbeat if we could afford it....more
This is such a great post! I also wouldn't have thought to use a bunch of extra spray, but since ...more