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DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Table

Being the deal-hunter that I am, I watched our local marketplace pages for months trying to find a table that looked like the $600 beauty I'd been eyeing on Pottery Barn. ...more
Wanda, that's for sure my favorite part of the project.  I love that something my sister and I ...more

The 10 Best Pens, According to Our Facebook Community

When researching my post about planners and organizers last month, the conversation with my co-workers turned away from paper and toward pens. Some of us had some very strong feelings about pens and others did not. ...more
bluenotebacker I have to go to Staples this weekend, I'll check it out, Thanks!more

How to Make Lipstick from Crayola Crayons

I've been meaning to try this for ages, and I finally got around to making lipstick from non-toxic Crayola crayons and organic coconut oil. It took less than three minutes per color to make. ...more
What a creative idea. At first I wondered if it would stay on the lips...but I get it now. The ...more

2014 Craft & Hobby Association Show: It's Like If Willy Wonka Made Paper

Today is the close of the 2014 Craft and Hobby Association trade show. CHA is where the craft manufacturers all get together in one giant convention center, pull out all the stops, bring out their newest and most exciting products, and introduce them to all the buyers, designers, and press that come out to gawk. It's four solid days of the most beautiful, innovative, and inspiring stuff you can imagine. It's like if Willy Wonka made paper. ...more
I went through withdrawals after attending CHA. What an amazing experience! I have those same ...more

6 Blogs to Help You Get Organized

Maybe 2014 is THE year you're determined to put everything in its right place, streamline your life, and become more efficient. Or maybe you're looking for the best way to sort out your refrigerator, kids' room, office space, handbag, etc. etc. Or … perhaps you just want to see how The Organized People live. (It's a very pretty, very enlightened, and extremely tidy world!) You need to check out these blogs and their brilliant ideas to help you manage your life. ...more
Helpful post. I did a little organizing before Christmas and it felt good. A lot more to do. ...more

Hallway Makeover with a Stencil

January is always the perfect time of the year to take on an indoor project. Since you can't be outside in the garden {at least not where I live}, then why not clean out your closets, or stencil your hallway. It's a easy makeover, but one with huge impact. I say enough with flat walls, let's give them some personality!...more
That looks great!more

$2 Fix for Drafty Houses

With the cooler temperatures rolling in I've been noticing a lot of drafts coming in around the windows. After weeks of freezing floors I decided to do something about it. I headed to the hardware store to pick up weatherstrip and caulk and while there I stumbled across these nifty little things....more
That's where I was thinking would have them, lol. Don't think I've seen them at Lowe's or home ...more

A 360 of my REAL House - A Photo Challenge

Well hello there. It's been a while. How were your holidays? And happy new year! I keep wanting to pop in and share things with you, but I just can't seem to get things together. There's either stuff everywhere, or it's too dark for photos. Or there's stuff everywhere AND it's too dark for photos (4:30 sunset, you can not go away soon enough!)....more
Ha ha!! I had that thought also!!!more

Craft Trend: Arm Knitting! (Learn. Make. Wear!)

Arm knitting has been all over Pinterest for the past year or so, but an article on it (and designer, Andrea Brena) in the Wall Street Journal in December threw both crafters and the yarn industry into a "make it now!" frenzy....more
I am going to give it a try!more

Overused Craft and Design Trends to Consider Leaving Behind for 2014

We are all guilty of beating a dead crafty horse from time to time. Long after a trend has jumped the shark, we still can’t stop “putting a bird on it.” Don’t get me wrong: I love a good Mason jar craft as much as the next guy -- but if I never saw another one (aside from the canning of actual food), that would be OK, too. That said, I humbly bring you my list of craft and design trends that we should all maybe resolve to take a break from in 2014....more
I agree with you 900%. I would love to see these trends left in 2013. Great article!more