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How to Throw a Spooky Halloween Party

When it comes to Halloween, atmosphere is key grounds for spooking. It's the one holiday where a very hostile, uncomfortable and creepy environment is encouraged. Set up your own haunted house with the following to make this year's Halloween party all the scare. ...more

Hiring a Handyman: How to Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Your patience and ingenuity with that funky self-assembly bookcase was, by all accounts, astonishing. People were talking about it for days afterward, and the bookcase in question is still standing....more

5 Fall Wreaths and a Banner You Can Make. It's Easy!

It's easy to buy a wreath, but they are actually one of the easier decorations to make. I found five fall wreaths and a banner I would love to make and that can be made even by people, like me, who are not so very crafty. Some are best for inside while others will fare just fine hanging on your front door. ...more
Wonderful post and some really great Ideas!more

3 Ways to Improve Your DSLR Photography

I learned a few things right off the bat in my time with Loretta. (That's my camera's name, after Loretta Lynn.) I thought I'd share, so you can enter into DSLR World with a head full of knowledge! It can be rough, turning on the camera for the first time, seeing all those buttons and thinking, but I just wanna take photos! ...more
FashionCrazedFoodie Yes! Do it! When I first got mine, I was SO RELIEVED. Finally, I didn't have ...more

13 Ways to Make Halloween Decorating Cheaper

For some people, it’s all about the candy. For others, the costumes. I love Halloween decorations. Why? They’re fun. They’re kitschy. They make me feel like a little kid all over again. That’s why pumpkins have already shown up on my porch, I’ve hauled out the candy plates shaped like witches and goblins, and I’ve brought out my special cookie cutters to make shortbread ghosts and bats....more
Last year I used a piece of wadding from an old pillow and made some spiderwebs around the ...more

5 Easy Ways To Add Fall Decor Into Your Home

Last week was the official start of fall. I started to feel excited about the smells, the sienna-colored trees, and the seasonal celebrations. All these things create a beautiful atmosphere in my own house, but how do I incorporate the fall colors and smells into my home without breaking the bank? ...more
olive_shoe Yummy!! that's a great idea. Sometimes I put coffee beans in a small vase, the smell ...more

How Often Do You Change Your Towels (& Other Important Questions)

People sure have a lot of opinions about washcloths, towels and sheets: whether to use them, how often to change them, when to replace them, how nice they should be, and on and on. What do you think? Let's talk linens....more
Towels I change about once a month if that.  My sheets are a hodge podge of sheets mostly given ...more

DIY: Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter

I try to live a healthy lifestyle, making small choices that really make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. I try to think about what I put in my body and on my body, and the things we use around the house. One of those little steps is making my own all-natural lotion. This project even ended up saving me money, so I think it's definitely worth a try. ...more
Wow, thank you!  I have started to use coconut oil on my hair before washing.  Never thought of ...more

5 Tips for Taking a Great Headshot With Just Your iPhone

See that photo of me at the top of the page? I took it. And while I love my Nikon, and I know I can take amazing photos with it, I took that headshot with my iPhone. I swear. One day, I know I'm going to call Jody Mack, my very favorite local photographer, and have her take "real" headshot pictures of me to go in my sidebar and on my About page. (They probably be so good that I'll even want them on my business cards.) But in the meantime, bloggers need to know that you can take a headshot with just your iPhone (or any smart phone) and get quality professional results. ...more
Hah! Love it! I too take "professional" selfies. Love the headphone/shutter tip!more

It's Fall! Here Are 5 Scarves You Can Make at Home

Every year finds me dragging my feet into autumn. I never like how the temperature drops, but I do find things to love about fall. I love how the tree leaves burst into a brilliant display of color before dropping to crunch beneath my feet. We start piling up logs by the fireplace. I start pulling out my colder-weather clothes. I especially love scarves....more
Such cute scarves and ideas! I love wearing scarves! I definitely agree with you on how they can ...more