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The Best Coloring Books for Grown-Ups

I remember when I was about 10 or so and I received a very grown-up coloring book and a brand new set of colored pencils. I was thrilled by both as coloring pencils were not something I had very often and the coloring book was extra cool because it only had an image on one side. To me, that was a sign of a grown-up coloring book and it was awesome. If you have a similar memory from your childhood, then this post is for you. Or, if you still love the smell of a brand new box of 64 Crayola Crayons. Or, if you love nothing better than a gorgeous box of brand new colored pencils or markers....more
Love me some Rosie Flo!  Great list.more

5 Adorable DIY Ornament Ideas for Untraditional Christmas Trees

As someone with her own private tinsel tree forest, I tend to have a hard time finding Christmas ornaments that not only curl my kitsch-loving toes, but also match my colorful trees. Traditional ornaments just won't work on an eight-foot-tall, hot pink tree. ...more
These are all so cute and creative!  I love the idea of a bright, colorful tree and ornaments ...more

10 Fun Reindeer Crafts to Make for Christmas

When I was a kid my father lived near a reindeer farm. When I was really little I thought they were Santa's reindeer, which basically meant I thought about Christmas all year round. There was something magical about them, and I hope you can find a little bit of that magic in these 10 reindeer Christmas crafts. ...more

Winter Craft Time! 10 Cute Snowmen You Can Make

When we get the first big snowfall of the year, I always wonder if it is good snowman snow. What's the point of having a bunch of snow if you can't make a snowman with it? I don't always get to make a snowman outdoors before Christmas, but I can always have one indoors with these snowmen crafts. No mittens required! ...more
I love all these snowmen, especially the felt and the sock snowmen! Great ideas!more

10 Christmas Ornaments You Can Make

Christmas makes me feel crafty. I love making Christmas ornaments. It makes me happy to see homemade ornaments I make every year when I hang them on my tree. They are also some of my favorite things to make for gifts, knowing that my friends can have the same happy feeling when they put them on their own trees. Here are 10 homemade Christmas ornaments that I'd like to make this year. ...more

10 Fun Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

In my experience making Christmas ornaments with kids involves patience, a good sense of humor and the grim acceptance that you will be finding random pieces of glitter right up until your children are in college. It also means giggles, big smiles and moments you'll remember every year when you put those decorations on your Christmas tree. We've collected 10 ornaments you can make with children this holiday season. ...more
BlogHer Great ideas!more

Fantastic & Fun Ideas for Your Hunger Games Party

With the release of Mockingjay I decided it was a great time to repost about the Hunger Games party we had in 2012. David (BEN!'s brother) is visiting and planning to go see it while he is here. Me? I love pretty much any kind of themed party. ...more

10 Christmas Wreaths You Can Make

When I think of Christmas wreaths I tend to think of evergreen boughs with ribbons and pine cones. They are the ones I buy almost every year and every year I think how I really could make my own. I went looking for homemade wreaths and I found that many of you already make your own. What really surprised me was how I fell in love with these 10 less traditional wreaths. There will always be a place for evergreen boughs, but I may need to work one of these wreaths into my holiday decor. ...more
These are beautiful wreaths!  I think my favorite is the boxwood wreath! Sheliamore

How to Make Ugly Holiday Sweater Hama Bead Coasters

Perler beads, hama beads, melty beads: These wee little tubes of plastic go by many names. Traditionally thought of as a children’s toy, one quick look at Pinterest will clue you in that plenty of crafty adults have caught melty bead fever....more
Totally cool idea!more

10 Fun Snowflake Crafts You Can Make

The thought that there are no two snowflakes that are exactly like has always amazed me. You know what that means for crafts? When yours don't turn out perfectly it means you are doing it right. Your snowflakes are just behaving the way snowflakes are supposed to behave. But we don't think you'll have problems with these 10 snowflake crafts. ...more