6 Tips for a Successful DIY Photo Shoot

After the post about my DIY Family Portraits, I have had a few questions about planning a successful photo shoot. Remember that I’m definitely not a professional. Just a mamarazzi, here! Nevertheless, here are my top tips for preparing for your own do it yourself family photo session....more

28 New Ideas for Elf on the Shelf + A Free Calendar & Printables

I'm SO excited for the holiday season! Thanksgiving is almost here, but I just couldn't wait to put out my Christmas decorations last night - don't judge. Is it just me, or do stores not sell timeless, quality Thanksgiving decor anymore? I want to decorate for Thanksgiving, but I can't seem to find nice things. I've found table runners that I love, but they're never long enough and I can't sew a custom one on my own. ...more

Great Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers

Take a look at your holiday gift list, does someone on that list love planners? If so, you're one lucky person. ...more
Houseful Of Nicholes Naw, it's helpful info.more

DIY Gift Baskets for the Dog Lovers In Your Life

I had the pleasure of creating and donating this great basket for a local organization that rescues dogs. They're putting together a fundraiser and asked me if I wanted to donate some of the products that I sell in my Etsy store. I jumped at the chance; clearly I'm obsessed with my two pups and I would love to help other dogs find their forever homes....more

Using Turkeys For a Special Tribute on Thanksgiving

Living outside of the U.S. and having married an Italian, I work extra hard to keep up American traditions that are important to me. Thanksgiving remains one of my favorite holidays, even if it is just a regular work and school day for everyone else wherever we are. Part of that tradition is, of course, practicing gratitude. But I found that asking my children to reflect on something for which they were grateful resulted in bland choruses of "I am thankful for my family." ...more

How to Make DIY Burlap Wall Art for Fall

Time is precious. I divy up my time between the kids, school, the gym, and working from home. I don't have time to spend shopping for the perfect home decor pieces. That's why I love stenciled burlap wall art. I tend to gravitate towards the rustic, country, and farmhouse styles in home decor. Once upon a time, I wanted to grow up to be a manufacturer of dishes and home decor pieces. The name that I chose for my imaginary business was Simply Elegant.   ...more
So cute. I love burlap, have a ton of it currently sitting in my garage waiting on inspiration :)more

How To Waterproof Butcher Block Countertops

Last spring we did a mini remodel of our kitchen. We installed a subway tile backsplash, a new faucet, and butcher block countertops. We also replaced some appliances that weren't working: a microwave with a broken vent fan and door handle, and an oven that would occasionally decide not turn on. ...more
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How to Create the Perfect Fall Hostess Gift

If you're looking for a cute hostess gift to bring to Thanksgiving dinner or a fun party, we’ve got you covered! These adorable DIY pumpkin flower arrangements are the perfect fall hostess gift, incorporating the number one fall essential (a pumpkin, of course!) and seasonal flowers! ...more
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How to Give Yourself a Stylish Geometric Manicure

Happy Monday everybody! If you follow my blog, you know that I have a series of posts, called Monday Manicure. And I thought that I'd share this week's post with you. ...more
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How To Make a Home Decor Plan That Will Save You Money

I took a great class in college called Housing the Family. The object of this class was to learn how to budget everything it takes to furnish a home. For 10 weeks we were assigned to window shop online and create mood boards to decorate every room of a house. By the end of the semester, we had a detailed list of all the items needed to furnish a home from start to finish....more
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