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7 Tips to Nail Your Own Headshot

In this age of social media and blogging, everyone should have at least one great headshot. Throw it on your blog, your Facebook account, your Twitter avatar, your LinkedIn profile: anywhere people want to connect a face to the name. ...more
Love your hair!more

How to Make Mason Jar Margarita Bridal Shower Favors

Last Sunday we kicked off our “summer of wedding fun” with a bridal shower honoring our daughter, the bride-to-be, Kate and her fiance, Chris, at River Bar in Assembly Row in Somerville....more
great idea :Dmore

How to Make a DIY Charging Station Using Ikea's Fintorp System

This may sound a bit anal, but I can not stand cell phones and cell phone chargers all up on the kitchen counter. ...more
Nice! - Denisemore

Seven DIY Books for Summer

I feel crafty in the summer. The sun is shining, and I just want to paint something (or stitch something or glue something or … ). So, I like to keep an arsenal of inspiring DIY books close at hand. ...more

Clean All the Things With Your Own DIY Soft Scrub

I don't think I've ever been so excited about a cleaning product. I mean, come on! Who likes to clean? ...more
OOOOHHH sounds like a great recipe. Definitely saving so I can try! thanks!!more

5 Easy Ways to Add Cottage Charm to Your Garden

What's in a cottage garden? They come in all shapes and all sizes, but they all share one common thread ... loads of that sweet cottage charm. ...more
Great ideas!  I love to check out the neighbors for gardening ideas!more

How to Redecorate While Using Existing Furniture

Alternative titles for this post were, "How To Do A Tim Gunn With Your Furniture" and "So You're Tired Of That Room But The Furniture Has To Stay." ...more
I love this!  Different or better doesn't always have to mean "new".more

4 Elements of a Great Food Photo

Photography is different depending on your niche. However, there are four basic elements of a great photo that should lead you in the right direction, especially when you're trying to get your food photos noticed....more
This was such a helpful and excellent post! Being a beginner food blogger myself I have been ...more

Quick, Crazy-Simple, and Fail-Free Rag Quilt Tutorial

Are you in a hurry to make a quilt? If you answered YES then this is the project for you! ...more

10 Must-Have Items to Take Your Photography to the Next Level

So you’ve mastered the basics of your DSLR, and now you're itching to stretch your photographic wings and be creative! Or have more control, or you just want to have fun! Today, I have 10 must-have items for your DSLR that will propel your photography to the next level....more