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5 Reasons to Grow Your Garden From Seed

My husband says that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. This was certainly true two years ago when, ignoring all advice to start small and easy, I decided to start my first vegetable garden entirely from seed....more
CtrlAltTabby  Artichokes...I've never grown them. Sounds great.more

A French Lavender Side Table Transformation- Ooh-la-la!

With some pieces of old furniture, I choose the style and color of the makeover according to my needs. But some pieces tell me what they need to be. This little table needed to be the center of attention in a lovely lavender French boudoir. ...more

ROAR! Make a Dinosaur Felt Play Mat with DIY Tips and Printable Templates

This Christmas I made several gifts for the little ones in my family. One of the things I made was a felt dinosaur play mat. I kept track of the process so I could share some tips with you, and a PDF set of templates. There are multiple posts for dinosaur play mats out there, but most of the ones with templates are for little ones. I must say mine is nice and big, and the templates make it easy to crank it out. This is how I did my DIY dinosaur felt play mat. ...more
Oooh look! It's meee! I feel all grown up!more

6 Instagrammers You'll Love to Like

Of all my social media accounts, Instagram quickly climbed to the top of my favorites list -- and happily remains at the to of the heap. I love the pretty, the ordinary, the funny, the ugly, the real of what is shared every day by people. It's like a glimpse into their lives that we don't get via words on Twitter or Facebook. We've rounded up a handful of great accounts who are all using Instagram in their own, unique ways. There's something for everyone on this list!...more
all great! i have to suggest and addition - @urbanxkoi has stunning photos! www.currenttempo.commore

DIY Burlap Heart Garland

I have a lot of my readers ask me how to create the Burlap Garland Banner that I did for my daughter's first birthday (you can read the whole post here). I love decorating for every holiday, even if it something small. Here is a small burlap garland I made. It's simple and easy for you to make, even with the kiddos!...more
Thanks so much for sharing this!! I really appreciate the love!!more

Backyard DIY Overhaul: Three Simple (But Essential) Projects

If your backyard leaves something to be desired, you probably have some major plans to overhaul it. Even if they're just hypothetical back-of-your-mind plans, it's fun to think about all the cool things you can do with all that space back there. But most overhaul projects are extremely costly, and no one would blame you for setting those plans aside for the time being. All images via Flickr (read on for more info!) ...more

How to Tell If You're Secretly a Homesteader

We are a society that dearly loves to label things.  I've been thinking, lately about how to know if you can officially label yourself as a homesteader.  The modern definition of homesteading has become quite fluid, but I think it's safe to say you might be a homesteader (at least in spirit) if ......more
Mom to Country Kids I actually signed in/got a new password to tell you just how awesome this ...more

10 Fun Crafts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day tends to be a love it or loathe it holiday and I have to confess I fall firmly in the middle. I don't like the pressure for romance but there are aspects I do like. I always had so much fun making Valentine's Day crafts when I was kid, perhaps because hearts are one of the shapes I can draw fairly well. Seasonal crafting doesn't end when you grow up so I went out to find what our bloggers were making in their craft rooms for Valentine's Day. I think you'll like what I found. ...more

Talking Flowers: A Valentine's Day Guide to Flowers and Their Meaning

In addition to their diverse beauty, flowers also say different things. In Victorian times, when flirtation and conversation was discouraged, lovers exchanged flowers and nosegays in discretion, to convey messages through symbolic meaning. So pick something that really speaks to your love. Here's what some of my favorites say: ...more

Home Renovation: I'm Obsessed with Satisfying My R-Spot

I never dreamed that I would be swept away by such lust again — at least not in this lifetime. I was sure that my days of being feverishly aroused in the middle of the night by heart-thumping fantasies were long over. But I can’t help myself. Even as my husband of 29 years lies softly (and sometimes not so softly) snoring beside me, I can’t stop thinking about my latest heartthrob, imagining all sorts of steamy scenarios in which the two of us are together. ...more