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I'm Building a Dollhouse For Myself and Not For My Kids

I never had a dollhouse when I was growing up. Maybe it was the size of our apartment. As every New Yorker knows, size is a precious commodity in NYC, and a perfectly decent living space—say, a 1.5 bedroom apartment—can feel like a dollhouse itself. I certainly had plenty of dolls, mainly Barbies, and all of her accoutrements, including her car and some of the furniture from her signature Dream House Collection. But I never really wanted the actual house. ...more
Good. For. You! Good for you for doing this, and good for you for staking your own claim to it!more

Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard With These Plants

Hi, friends! I love enjoying my coffee on our back deck in the morning & my after-dinner fruit before bedtime, but here in Austin we have had lots of rain & with rain we get lots of mosquitoes. ...more
I will tell the other bloggers too if you want, other people are talking abou it toomore

How to Create a Cactus Dish Garden Without Poking Your Fingers

My secret planting weapon keeps my paws spine free!...more
So true! TheHerbLady I've used a butter knife for so many things in the garden!  Nellmore

Make These Chic Twist Headbands in 5 Minutes

Have you ever tried counting all the T-shirts you have in your house? With a husband and four kids, I have tons at my house and it would probably take me forever to pull them all out and count them. But that's boring, so instead I decided to pull out a few with cute colors and prints, and I made some of these chic twist headbands. Five minutes is all it takes to sew together one of these cute headbands. And the bonus? Making these helped to clean out my house! Score one for me! ...more
lovejoystyles - These were so simple to make and the beauty is, these t-shirts were shirts my ...more

Pantry Labels For People Who Shun Printables (and Organization)

We are moving in a few months … yet again, and it has me wanting to organize and streamline everything in an effort to not have to move as much stuff....more

How to Do a Coil-Wrapped Sticker Resist Vase Makeover

I love the look of coil-wrapped baskets. I have painted them, dyed them, and wrapped them in yarn. Now I can add sticker resist to the list. ...more

Americana Home Decoration: How to Upcycle a Stars & Stripes Toy Guitar

We have a few "first guitars" hanging around our youngest son's room. I'm currently working on a complete room makeover for this tween and decided to upcycle a couple of these tattered toys. My first victim of this particular DIY is this one....more

Make This Chic Painted Popsicle Stick Basket

Popsicle stick crafts have come a long way, baby. What we once thought of strictly as a camp craft for kids has been elevated to an all-new level by savvy crafters. You can do pretty much anything with popsicle sticks, it turns out—like this cool tramp art-inspired basket I whipped up. ...more
Beautiful art! I love what you've done with this!more

How to Make a Cute Summer Skirt

If you want a cute new skirt to wear this summer but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on one, I have a great pattern for you. This skirt is so easy to make, you will want to make a bunch! ...more

Make an Adorable DIY Dog Bed With Copper Rivets

A few months ago I bought Juniper an orthopedic, tempurpedic dream of a dog bed … which she unzipped and ate within the first 20 minutes of being alone with it....more