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10 Tips for Creating a Fab Photo Book

[Editor's Note: I’m one of those people that hoards photos. I have old computers that I can’t let go because I have yet to print all the old pictures off of them. My cell phone and iPod Touch are crammed full of quickie pictures of the kids and Instagrams. I always have the best of intentions for printing these pictures up and putting them in an album or better yet scrapbooking them, but it never seems to happen. Emily from Joyful Abode has just convinced me that the best thing for me to do with my surplus of photos is have them printed into photo books. She has even shared 10 great tips to make sure my photo books are the best they can be. I can hardly wait to get printing. - Jen]...more
I do these for vacations but still scrapbook. MyPublisher is my favorite brand.more

Treat Yourself and Make a Batch of Lavender Mint Bath Salts

[Editor's Note: Mmmm lavender and mint bath salts – I feel relaxed just typing the words out. In 5 minutes and with just 5 ingredients Julie Blanner from Coordinately Yours whipped up a bath to remember. Not only are these bath salts quick, easy and relaxing they are also all natural. - Jen]...more
I have used those same canning jars for bath salts!!! That looks great!!!! I love making bath ...more

Hey, I Could Make That Necklace!

[Editor's Note: How many times have you seen an expensive piece of jewelry at the store and thought to yourself – “hey I could make that”. Apparently Kelly from Live, Laugh, Rowe had that exact same idea when she recently saw a necklace at Target. The difference is most people just think it, Kelly grabbed some embroidery floss and made her necklace happen. - Jen]...more
Love that! I do that too, especially with art. I think, why would I buy that when i can easily ...more

Creating Customized Father's Day Photo Gifts

[Editor's Note: It is far from too late to make dad an awesome Father’s Day gift. This card is so much more than something you run out to Target at the last minute to pick up. All you need are a few supplies and a sunny day. Blogger Danielle from My Sparkle also has a couple of other adorable Father’s Day photo gift ideas in the same post. - Jen]...more
What a great idea! more

Photography: Kids and Sports

Summertime invites outdoor activities. In our home, it beckons the triathlon. ...more

The Basics of Bird Photography

When BlogHer asked me to participate in this project, I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to comply. The assignment was “capturing summer fun” and my mind immediately conjured up images of sailboats on the water, children playing on a beach or having fun in the pool, and I wondered how I could contribute and remain true to my style of photography....more
We had a robin's nest on our back porch for about 6 weeks. We were present the Monday morning ...more

Happy Home By: Jennifer Paganelli

I adore Jennifer Paganelli’s distinct style. The books she writes, the fabric she designs and the projects she sews are always so colorful and whimsical. When a copy of her new book Happy Home: Twenty One Sewing and Craft Projects to Pretty Up Your Home arrived at my door I was excited to say the least....more
I love this book!more

Photography Tips for Color and Kids

I love summer! But what I love even more is taking pictures during the summer. Do you know how many pictures I take the month of January with the icky snow and freezing temps? Nada. I wrap my camera up tight and worry about the pipes freezing. Seriously, summer photography is the best! Want to love your camera this summer? Here are a few tips and tricks for capturing fabulous photos all while you bask in the fabulous sun....more

Finished Briefcase for BlogHer Food

Finally! I just finished my “new to me” briefcase for BlogHer Food. This year's conference is in Seattle and I'm excited to be attending as well as a speaker. This briefcase turned out quite nicely considering how it began – as an estate sale find that was $1.50 and destined for the garbage heap if I hadn’t saved it. Even though it sat on my sewing table for a while, patiently waiting its turn in the do-it-yourself, re-do-it, tear-it-apart and fancy-it-up pile, it’s done now and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out....more
 @wdolderer You are so welcome for the inspiration!  Enjoy BlogHer in NY....maybe I'll see you ...more

DIY Padded Camera Strap

[Editor's Note: Anyone who has a decent sized camera knows that those suckers can be heavy. I’m just a mom that dabbles in taking pictures of my kids and crafts, I can’t imagine how real photographers necks feel after a long day at work. Taylor Made has an amazing tutorial for whipping up a padded camera strap. The strap won’t make your camera weigh any less, but it might make wearing it for long periods of time a little more bearable. - Jen]...more