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DIY Dry Erase Sharpie Mug

IT IS FINALLY THE SEASON WHERE I CAN DRINK COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF HOT DRINKS.Hot toddies, hot chocolate, tea, weird concoctions I find on Pinterest that may end up being disgusting, I DON'T CARE.  I love fall, and I love all the fall-y things that come with it.The thing is, hot drinks don't work so well in beer steins or wine glasses, which somehow are the only drinking vessels that Andy and I have left. How is it possible that the glasses you drink alcohol out of are the ones we break the least?...more
An absolutely brilliant idea. I saw another version of this a few months back, I got two mugs ...more

Tulle Monster Wreath Tutorial

[Editor's Note: Typically when you think of tulle tutus come to mind, not monsters. I think I like this new scarier spin on the medium. Scary is actually not the right word to describe this fluffy green wreath by Baby Rabies, cute is a better word. How can you be scared of anyone or thing in a plaid bowtie? - Jen]...more
Wonderful idea and so cute!  Thanksmore

Falling for Fall Mantel

[Editor's Note: Tonya from Love of Family & Home knows how to decorate a mean mantel. Owls, fabric pumpkins, tiny buntings, burlap wreaths - the more the merrier when it comes to her style. The colors white, yellow and teal tie the whole thing together beautifully. The nice thing about a mantel like this is that it will last you all fall long. - Jen]...more

Make a Mini Fabric Pumpkin

[Editor's Note: Poor Vanessa from V and Co. she accidentally cut her strawberry pincushion off of her scissors.  After repeatedly losing her scissors she decided the strawberry needed to be replaced stat.  Seeing as that fall is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner Vanessa opted to replace her strawberry with a mini pumpkin. - Jen]...more
So cute! more

Halloween Spooky Tree How-To

[Editor's Note: No Halloween décor is complete without a spooky tree. Erin from My Very Educated Mother whipped up her very own using craft supplies she already had on hand. Paper twists and electrical tape never looked so creepy. - Jen]...more
Thank you for sharing, I'm glad you like them! more

Woven Felt Baskets Tutorial

My sewing studio remains unfinished (until Tuesday that is) so I’ve been continuing my ventures into the world of woven baskets… and I’m getting hooked, my friends. These are so gratifying to create, both aesthetically pleasing and practical!And I’ve moved them up in scale to ‘floor baskets.’ Naturally, I imagine using these to house knitting necessities, but they also work well for toys (canine, baby, or otherwise), socks, electronics…...more
Great idea! LOVE felt with all of its vivid colors. Thanks so much for sharing, Much Love, ...more

Tales From a First-Year Urban Farmer: Lessons, Battles and a Little Relish

Meet a Seattle blogger whose passion for food and cooking led to an urban garden, which led to even more passion about growing food. This post details hard-won lessons for next year along with plenty of joyful success:...more

Converting a Chest of Drawers Into a Craft Supply Center

[Editor's Note: Jamie Worley is one of those people that starts to twitch when she sees too much clutter. Visual chaos can be a daunting and creatively hindering thing. On a mission to make her families craft supplies more accessible, yet still organized and tidy, she decided to remake a vintage chest of drawers. What started as a Craig's List score ended as a sleek craft supply center. - Jen]...more

10 Busy Bags I Want to Make

Making your own busy bags can save SOOO much money and frustration! If you have a toddler or preschooler who you have to take with you to the doctor’s, ballet class, or homeschool group and they need to be kept occupied, then busy bags are the answer!...more

Make a Magnetic Fridge Puzzle

[Editor's Note: Every busy mom knows making dinner while entertaining hungry kids is tricky business. The littles are nipping at your heels, cranky from hunger and begging for the attention you are giving the food instead of them. Enter the magnetic fridge puzzle. You know the kids are underfoot in the kitchen anyway, why not at least keep their hands busy with a puzzle? This craft couldn't be easier and when it comes to getting dinner ready a life saver. - Jen]...more