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Colorful Bird Themed Bedroom Makeover

[Editor's Note: Ashley from Mommy by Day Crafter by Night felt like her bedroom needed a makeover. What was once a drab bedroom is now a fab colorful bird themed boudoir. I love rooms that use lot's of color, patterns and different types of furniture. Ashley pulled together an array of old and new purchases to revamp her bedroom into a retreat that she adores. You spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in the house why not make it exactly what you want. - Jen]...more

Build Your Own Indoor/Outdoor Swing

[Editor's Note: Blogger Tresa Edmunds AKA Reese Dixon has a son who loves to swing. Not like on a swing at the park or the plastic Little Tikes kind you can buy at Walmart, he needs and enjoys a special kind of swing. When Tresa started shopping for a swing like the one her son uses in physical therapy she quickly realized the price tag was more than her car. This crafty mama took matters and power tools into her own hands and whipped her son Atti up the swing of his dreams. - Jen]...more

How to Install a GFCI outlet

[Editor's Note: Even the most savvy of Do It Yourselfers tend to hesitate when it comes to electrical work. Trey from Daddy Mojo is no exception to the rule. However, after recently hiring an electrician to come over and replace a GFCI Outlet his confidence in this department was lifted. He studied what the electrician was doing, asked lot’s of questions and like any modern day handyman watched a You Tube video about it. No more electricians replacing outlets for this daddy, he has taken matters and outlets into his own hands. - Jen]...more
I need to replace some outlets this week.more

Printing with Fruit

[Editor's Note: Some people eat fruit, but Elise from Grow Creative makes art with hers. This clever lady was inspired by a post she saw about printing with strawberries and ran with it. Ran all over the produce aisle that is. She made cards with not only strawberries but also pears and kiwis. These clever prints look good enough to eat. - Jen]...more

Making Thank You Notes for a Rainbow Themed Party

[Editor's Note: Lori from Wisdom Comes Suddenly knows how to work a theme. Her daughter Kelly recently had a rainbow birthday so what kind of thank you cards do you think they sent out? Not plain ones, oh no not Kelly. This crafty mama made custom 3D rainbow candle thank you cards and sent them out to the guests in bubble wrap. Now that is dedication. - Jen]...more
Thank you for sharing my post!  I had a lot of fun both designing the party and making these ...more

Make a Pair of Glitter Bow Flats

[Editor's Note: Glitter oh how I love thee. From crafts to flats, everything is better with a little sparkle. Plain Jane shoes are given new life with a fresh coat of glitter and a spiffy little bow. Katy from Sweet Verbena grabbed her glitter and glue and got busy. - Jen]...more

DIY Antique Window Picture Frame

Well, I finally finished my antique window picture frame. And if I do say so myself, it's pretty fabulous. Here's the deal. When I looked on pinterest and the internet, there were a tons of pictures of these antique windows turned picture frames. But no tutorials or help on actually how to convert it. And not that I'm saying that what I did should be the gold standard, but in an attempt to at least help other sisters (or brothers) out, I thought I'd outline what I did. ...more
k_diy I'm so sorry I haven't responded to this comment earlier. I printed these pictures thru an ...more

Sunset Starburst Mirror

Two of my favorite things in the world are crafts and mid century modern furniture. Kim from Made in a Day found a clever way to combine them both. An up-cycled crate, some dowels, a round mirror and colorful paint makes for one cute wall hanging. This easy to follow tutorial makes it all seem so easy, I’m on the hunt for a crate or frame of my own. ...more
Thanks so much for featuring my Vintage Sunset Mirror! I am glad you liked it! Kimmore

Scrap Wood Headboard

[Editor's Note: What’s a mom to do when her kid’s bed is looking a little lack luster? Whip up a swell headboard from scraps laying around the house of course. It doesn't hurt that mom and blogger Crystal Johnsen is also very handy with a paintbrush. I love everything about this adorable headboard from the fact that it is recycled to the bright colors and of course the reference to The Monkees! - Jen]...more
this is fabulous!!more

Creative Cookie Packaging Ideas

[Editor's Note: Sometimes you do judge a book by it’s cover or in this case a cookie by it’s jar. Cute handmade cookies deserve cute handmade packaging. Glory from Glorious Treats has a great post about how to make clever packaging to showcase your handmade baked goods. - Jen]...more
Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these!!! :)more