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DIY Stenciled Felt

[Editor's Note: Finding cute printed felt can be a bit of a challenge, take it from someone who knows. The craft felt market has not grown much beyond cameo and polka dots. Andie Clark the woman behind American Craft and Felt came up with a genius idea, stencil your felt. Chevron and hexagon felt are no longer just a pipe dream. With some freezer paper and fabric paint the sky is the limit when it comes to the patterns you can create. I was so inspired I whipped up a William Tell inspired feather and felt arrow headband. - Jen]...more

Give Your Gardening Gear a Fun & Festive Makeover

[Editor's Note: Spring has sprung! Even if it is too cold in your neck of the woods for the flowers to start blooming one look at the dollar bin of all the big box retailers and you know. Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday has raided those dollar bins and come up with several fun, frugal and festive garden inspired crafts. I've never seen a fly swatter look so cute. - Jen]...more
Thanks so much for the feature! I am psyched! xomore

Best Ways to Decorate a Rental Kitchen

Renting your home has its ups and downs. You aren't responsible for maintenance or yardwork, but there are severe limits to making it feel like home. Because I just moved and am going to be decorating a new place, I thought I would start a new series on how to make a rental feel like home. Starting with the kitchen. Mostly because it's the only room I currently have in decent shape....more
I am loving your ideas!  You are so right about con-tact liner.  It can make a huge difference ...more

Cute Crochet Necklace How-To

[Editor's Note: I love making jewelry using unusual items. Those familiar with my work as Naughty Secretary Club might recall a few baby rattles, salt shakers and doll house furniture pieces. I love the look of crocheted beads, but have never been exactly sure how to make them. Enter Maya Kuzman of Little Treasures. She recently did a guest post over on Redfly Creations sharing a wonderful tutorial for crocheting a beaded necklace. I can't wait to try. - Jen]...more
So cute!more

Chalkboard Notecard How-To

[Editor's Note: That Ruth from GraceLaced is one clever lady. Just when I thought I had seen all the chalkboard projects the craft world has to offer she shows me something new. Chalkboard notecards - so cute, so easy, so versatile. You could make a batch of these and chalk in whatever message (Happy Birthday, Congrats, Be My Valentine) you wanted depending on what you need a card for. Love it! - Jen]...more

Portable Noah's Ark Felt Board

  I have been thinking about making a felt board using the story of Noah and the flood for quite some time. My family was not very religious growing up but I had a cardboard boat and plastic animals that I remember being really in love with. We have a cute wooden folk art ark but it is too fragile to actually play with. So, here's what I did....more
This is awesome. I am sharing it with my SIL tonight!more

How to Organize Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a powerful social media tool that has the potential to enhance your brand and drive significant traffic to your blog. Let's talk about how to organize your boards to make them visually appealing and useful to visitors. ...more
Thanks for the tips and reminders.  It made me go back through and write a longer comprehensive ...more

DIY Chair Upholstery with Laminated Cotton

[Editor's Note: When I was a child my parent's had an ugly brown sedan with laminated backseats. I never understood those hot sticky plastic chairs until the time I begged for a double dip ice cream cone which quickly became a single dip after a drive over a speed bump. As a parent myself now I realize my parents were pretty smart cookies. So is Abby over at Sew Much Ado. When she wanted to re-cover her dining room chairs she knew, just like my parents, that kids, food and fabric don't mix. Apparently laminated cotton comes in all kinds of cool colors and patterns. Abby makes this whole chair reupholstery thing look pretty dang easy. - Jen]...more

Rework What You've Got: #BlogHerTalks Upcycling and Repurposing

I have a secret; a strong desire to do something I’ve never done before and I’ve wanted to do it for many years. I haven’t told very many people, but it’s true. I want to repurpose furniture. ...more
I presume the reason that the spines aren't visible is to ensure a visitor doesn't take a fancy ...more

20 Ways to Reuse Old Tires

[Editor's Note: I love a good list with lot's of pictures. Kim from Too Much Time On My Hands has the perfect one on her blog with Earth Day right around the corner. 20 great uses for old tires from furniture to planters even a bathroom sink. - Jen]...more