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Turn a Mason Jar Into a Spillproof Cup with a Straw!

The glassware of choice in this house is the mason jar.  It's simple, easy to replace, durable and goes with all the dishes.  We are still working our way out of the every cup needs a lid phase of life with little ones...because if they don't have a lid... This inevitably happens.  On purpose and on naughty.  Yep.  ...more
Anyone tried making a 'bung' for the hole, so that its transportable until you want to drink ...more

Gardening with Style - How to Build a Chic Outdoor Planter

[Editor's Note: Author, blogger and new Austinite Georgia Pellegrini is a true Jill or all trades. She hunts, cooks and apparently also dabbles in woodworking and gardening. When Georgia spotted some planters she was smitten on at one of her favorite restaurants she immediately thought to herself: “I could make that”. And make that she did. Check out her full tutorial on building your own chic patio planter. - Jen]...more
wow thats lovely. Really creative.more

Photography: Tips on Shutter Speeds and Water Shots

I can feel it getting closer.It's getting warmer, the boys are getting more and more antsy during our morning school prep, as I am most certain that they are during their school hours. The sky is brighter longer. Summer is in the air. I both long for it and hesitate to embrace it. In my more honest moments, I admit that being faced with all of this energy, in the form of four growing boys, all day, every day is a bit much. But I do love being surrounded by my loves, and summer is always a time to make many memories!...more

How To ~ Recover A Chair

One of the easiest ways to update the look of a room is with the addition of new furniture.One of the most expensive ways to update the look of a room is with the addition of new furniture....more

Getting Started: Tips for On-the-Go Photography

I'm gonna lay this baby out like a good sermon - 3 points, ya'll! Organization (ish), Preparedness (which is really the first cousin of organization), and Creativity ... all for the purpose of getting us out there and capturing the goodness of summer! ...more
Do you use a preset when editing your photos?  They all have a finish to them that I absolutely ...more

How to Paint Yourself an Animal Print Cardigan

[Editor's Note: My mother always says that animal print is a neutral that goes with everything. When you think of a neutral beige or white might come to mind, but truly I find that animal prints do indeed go with most things. Rose from Projectville agrees. She took an old sweater and with the help of some fabric paint transformed it into something new and improved. - Jen]...more

Stitch Up a Sweet Sun Plushie

[Editor's Note: Why not welcome summer by stitching up a sun plushie? This cute craft is not only adorable it is also easy to make. With just one you have an ornament for your rear view window. If you whip up an entire batch and link them together you have a summery garland. I can see myself now lying in a hammock crochet hook in hand. - Jen]...more

How to Turn Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Photographs

Summertime is approaching and your calendar is already filling with family vacations, weddings, July 4th celebrations and so many other quintessential events of the season. Now, think ahead for a moment to September. During those quieter post-back-to-school days you will finally unload full memory cards and perhaps create photo albums. Will that stream of photos tell the story of your whole summer?...more
I love this post.  Everyday stuff of everyday life, that is what love is made of. Michelle ...more

Starting Seeds Indoors

[Editor's Note: Dee over at Start Dreaming has several informative posts on starting seeds indoors. This is not her first time at the veggie garden rodeo so she shares with her readers everything she has learned along the way. This home schooling mom is not only starting seeds for food, but also for educational purposes. - Jen]...more

How to Photograph Scenery

Summer is here again, and that means ample opportunities to create memorable photographs with family and friends. Toady I'm sharing Tips for Capturing Summer Vacation Subjects and Scenery. ...more
Great post!  The photos are just beautiful!more