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Can't Make Your Own Curtains? Hack Them

While curtains are easy to make, for someone like me who is not great with a sewing machine, sewing my own seems a little intimidating. While I'm sure whatever I made would look fine, I would forever see any teeny-tiny imperfections I made on the seams. Perfectionist? Me? Sadly, yes. Then I started thinking -- if I can't make them, maybe I can hack them? I found some easy modifications that can take curtains from drab to fab. Change Tab Top Curtains to Pocket Curtains...more
we don't have many curtains.more

Get the Look for Less: Crate-and-Barrel-Inspired Coral Floral Pillow

I crave colors when spring starts, which is why I love the Julian Orange Pillow from Crate and Barrel: A punch of orange and hot pink, it's perfect for a girl wanting to add a splash of color. Here's my take on an easy, homemade pillow inspired by this look! ...more

Welcome Spring With a Garden Hose Wreath

Spring is finally officially here! Of course, that means it's time to change out your wreath. I had been thinking about something involving umbrellas ... but then I saw the garden hose wreath over on Create.Craft.Love, and I knew what I was going to make. ...more
So cute! And what I love most about it is that I can do it from start to finish in under an ...more

How to Throw an Arm Knitting Party

Arm knitting is super simple, and produces a scarf in less than 30 minutes! It's DIY-accessible; you don't need any knitting needles; it's also really fun. And hey, what's fun for one person is a blast for a bunch, right? So grab some yarn and call your pals—it's time for a play date with a purpose. It's time, my friends, for an arm knitting party! Here's the scoop ...more
This is looks like a lot of fun!  I miss the days seeing you on Knitty Gritty.  I'll definitely ...more

Garden Blogs to Follow This Spring

It might be cold where you are, or spring might have sprung early (like it has at BlogHer's office in California), but mid-March is time to start thinking about getting your garden on. Whether you've got tons of backyard space or are more of a houseplant person; whether you're interested in veggies or decorative plants or a little of everything—we've found great garden blogs just for you. ILONA'S GARDEN JOURNAL ...more
Thanks for sharing these links. I look forward to getting to know these bloggers and their ...more

How to Make Paper Beads From Pages In Your Art Journal

I have wanted to try my hand at making paper beads for a very long time. I have seen them made from paint samples, newspaper, junk mail, and more. I decided that not only was I going to make my own beads, I was also going to use the colorful scrap paper I have left over from art journaling. I have so many beautiful pieces of this kind of paper that it was high time I showed them off. ...more
How fun! I used to make these when I was a kid :)more

From Bare Bones to Stylish Workstation: My Office Reveal

I think I promised you back in June or July of last year, after we moved into our new home, that I would be decorating my new studio space and planned to post pics for you. Well life, school, being a mom, painting bedrooms -- basically putting the right priorities first -- bumped this project down a ways. In fact, I just did it in February. I used gift cards I received for Christmas and planned and designed my new office! ...more
Digging that armoire!!  So you're thinking clipboards, calendar and spice jars (for paper clips, ...more

Deliciously Fun Lemonade Swirl Play Dough

I found the perfect way to cure the blahs -- Lemonade Swirl Play-dough! This sweet & summery play-dough is a pleasing treat for gray winter days. ...more

Make Your Own Mason Jar Spice Holder

I can never bring myself to part with a mason jar, so I thought of something I could use them for. Then it dawned on me! I have been trying to clean out my lazy susan in the kitchen. Since I didn’t want to spend any money doing that, I decided to make my own version of a spice rack/holder thingamajig ...more
Thank you ladies!  So glad you all liked it!  :)more

Make Your Own "Frozen" Olaf Snowman Pinata

Olaf the Snowman from Frozen has made the movie a wonderful theme to recreate for any young child. Get your birthday child excited by making a custom Frozen theme just perfect for your little one celebrating another year of life. ...more