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December Daily 2013: How to Make a Photo Memory Journal

Hi Friends!  December is on the way, and it is going fantastic here.  I was so anxious to dive right into December Daily and get this album filled with memories and photos!  Today I have Days 1 and 2 to show you.  Hope you enjoy!I had the cover sheet and then a layout for a family photo, which was this:...more
Denise Jennifer Perkins I was just there, too!  I see Jennifer is a Pea and a Wilna fan! *waves ...more

10 Snowflake Crafts

The thought that there are no two snowflakes that are exactly like has always amazed me. You know what that means for crafts? When yours don't turn out perfectly it means it's perfectly fine. Your snowflakes are just behaving the way snowflakes are supposed to behave. But we don't think you'll have problems with these 10 snowflake crafts. ...more

10 Cute Snowman Crafts

When we get the first big snowfall of the year, I always wonder if it's good snowman snow. In my mind it should be because what's the point of having a bunch of snow if you can't make a snowman with it? I don't always get to make a snowman outdoors before Christmas, but I can always have one indoors with these snowmen crafts. ...more
Such a great snowman roundup, cute cute cute!more

Top 10 Gifts for Artists

There are so many directions you can go when you're looking for great gifts for the artists in your life. Sometimes it's easy because the person you're buying for is really focused on one or two types of art. Sometimes it's harder because your artist has a lot of interests. Or maybe you're not sure what type of art it is that your friend is into. That's O.K., because this gift guide has something for pretty much everyone and includes a lot of basic ideas that can get you started down a rabbit hole of fun artsty gift surfing. (My own personal online shopping carts are full in a half dozen of places because I found so many things I'd like to have for myself or give to others.) ...more
yep -- no such thing as too many sketchbooks.more

5 Things to Do When Faced With Frost

In upstate NY, where I live, frost is expected in fall, and by Thanksgiving we are more concerned if there will be snow--and how much. Unlike my climate, many parts of the deep South and far West don't get temperatures below freezing very often. However, my gardening friends in these areas are facing the threat of frost this week, and to hear them talk you'd think the zombie apocalypse was coming. Don't panic, I tell them, you can survive this. Just remember these five tips....more
RobinRipley You're welcome!more

Crafty Paper Trees in Under An Hour

Christmas trees come in all shapes, sizes and colors. ;If you thought they were only green and piney, you would be wrong. The 80 around my house are all different colors. Some look like faux trees, others are of the crafty variety. My life goal this year is to make it to 100 Christmas trees. I can’t buy all those trees, so I’m going to make them. I’ve rounded up a few fun craft tutorials to get me (and you) started. Image: DIY Mommy ...more
BlogHer love!more

Coca-Cola Advent Calendar

Day one of Advent is here, do you have your Advent calendar ready? There are so many crafty options out there how can you resist not making your own. A particular favorite of mine was featured on the blog Life as a Thrifter. I just so happen to have a vintage Coca-Cola crate, glass ornaments and foam numbers are easy enough to find. Looks like I'm all set. Are you?...more
Wow! This is so creative and fun. I am always amazed what great ideas are to be found on BlogHer.more

10 Christmas Stocking Crafts

The first Christmas my husband and I spent together we bought new stockings. Neither of us had one and we had a fireplace mantle that was simply begging for some stockings. I'm glad that we bought those stockings and we still use them, but part of me really wishes I'd made us stockings. That wish intensified after finding these fabulous stockings that bloggers have made. ...more

Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

I’ve compiled a holiday gift guide full of wonderful things that all the photographers in your lives will LOVE -- including some things that YOU might want to add to your own Christmas list! So without further ado: the 2013 gift guide for the camera-lovers on your list....more

The Perfect Gift for the Crafter on Your List: Crafty E-Courses

I’m one of those crafters who likes a little bit of everything. One day I might be baking, the next I am crocheting, and all the while my paint is drying on something else. I’m not alone. What do you get a person like me on your holiday list? Might I suggest online craft classes? Yyou can get them for anyone, anywhere -- as long as they have an internet connection they are good to go.   ...more
It never occurred to me to give someone a class for Christmas, this is a great idea!more