So this week celebrates both National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and National Pancake Day. No wonder we women are so confused about what is healthy behavior. Either these two PR campaigns are working together or cancel each other out. Is the message: Hi Ladies: Please do not think you are fat and too prove it,  eat a pancake or 6?...more

An Open Letter To Fox Broadcasting Regarding Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse"

Hey there Fox, cough. So listen... You and me? We kinda need to talk. ...more

It seems this may be the real Eliza Dushku on Twitter: ...more

HBO's "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" A Review

When I first heard about HBO's new series "The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency," I had high hopes that despite the dearth of minorities on primetime television, this show, set in Africa and with an all black cast, was going to be something special. After all look at what the production had to work with:  it stars the multi-talented Grammy award winning singer and actress, Jill Scott; the two hour pilot was directed by Oscar winner, the late Anthony Minghella ("The English Patient"); it was co-produced by the late Sydney Pollack ("Out of Africa") and co-written by Richard Curtis ("Four Weddings and A Funeral").  Unfortunately, the culmination of all that talent doesn't deliver as well as I had hoped, but the good does outweigh the bad. ...more

If nothing else you will love the beautiful visuals of Botswana.  And Jill Scott will charm ...more

"Battlestar Galactica," A Frakking Good TV Show

In three weeks, fans of good TV science fiction are going to be in mourning.  That's when "Battlestar Galactica" will conclude its five year run on the SciFi Channel. If you've never seen BSG you've been missing some very entertaining television because the show is frakking great.  Er, excuse my French. BSG does everything great science fiction should do, make us think about our current circumstances, our impact as humans on the universe and each other, and also gives us a mirror of our own time reflected in a fictional world.  BSG does all that with depth and intelligence...and some really good space battles. var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(234,351,685878,"")}catch(ex){}}() ...more

We'll just have to keep our hopes up for "Carprica."  ;-)


Jingle Jangle

Actually what I’m getting ready to talk about are not actually jingles since they are not created specifically for television.  Rather I’m talking about pop songs used in two commercials currently in rotation. ...more

Podcast: Interview with Comedians Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen

Recently I had the hilarious pleasure of doing a podcast interview with veteran comedians Tim Reid, of "WKRP in Cincinnati" fame and Tom Dreesen, a consummate standup comic and fixture on television and in comedy clubs across the country. I knew this podcast would be fun, I just didn't realize how much fun. I laughed so hard a few times it was hard to remember my questions. ...more

Jay Leno Crowned King of NBC: Winners and Losers

If you're a Jay Leno fan, NBC just gave you an extra hour and a half of sleep.  If you're not a Jay Leno fan, NBC just cut you out of about 23% of their primetime schedule.  That's because today NBC announced that comedian Jay Leno has cut a deal to do a show, suspiciously like his current "Tonight Show" in primetime at 10 PM.  And here's the kicker, five nights a week.  That means next fall, Jay Leno will be the King of NBC. ...more

I hear you, Becca.  Sounds like it's time to fire up your DVR and get busy recording stuff ...more

The Women Living In Hugh Laurie's "House"

Dime store psychology is always fun especially if you get to shrink the head of a fictional character. Today I'm going to analyze one of the great head cases on TV, Dr. Gregory House, and more specifically, how the women in his life have shaped him into the man we all know and sort of hate...but, not really. The FOX medical drama "House," stars the talented Brit, Hugh Laurie. ...more

Very good season 3 episode.  (3x12, I believe)  Provides insight to some of the damage that is ...more

"In Plain Sight," Colorful Casting Would Have Made It A Better Show

The lead character on "In Plain Sight" should have been a black woman.   How's that for an opening line? But I'm serious.  She should have been a black woman.  Why do I say this?  Because after watching the pilot episode of "In Plain Sight" and several episodes since, I keep thinking:  what a bland show.  It's kind of like watching a show that's set in New York but was shot on the gritty streets of Toronto:  there's nothing special about it and it's obvious to anyone who's been there, it's not New York. ...more

Ten TV Shows And Movies That Taught Me Something About War

I'm lucky. I've never had to serve in a war or known someone close who's died in one. Even though I learned the facts and figures of war in school, the impact of war I learned from television and the movies. In honor of Memorial Day, this post is about what I've learned about war. ...more

I only watched a few episodes of more