My GPS Device Is A Whore

I am infamous for my potty mouth while driving - something I'm not particularly proud of and have really made an effort to clean up over the past few years.  When my daughter was ten, I took her and her best friend on a road trip from Texas to Florida. By the end of the trip they had nicknamed me Sharon Osbourne...not a compliment and I'm pretty sure the mom of the other ten-year-old was not real impressed....more

Master Electrician

The other morning while I was upstairs filing bills, my husband – from now on referred to as Hubba Hubba – asked if I had disconnected the computer. Apparently, he was unable to access his laptop’s server in the southern region of our house. I checked my desktop, and the little green power light burned amber; a sign for system-gone-kaput. ...more

Celebrate BlogHer's 5th Anniversary With Us and Win One of Five Free Passes With #BlogHer5

Today BlogHer begins celebrating our fifth anniversary.When Elisa, Jory and I met five years ago and decided to organize BlogHer's first conference, we had no idea that in 2010 BlogHer would be the go-to community for women who blog and use social media to get their word out. It was February 2005, and we just wanted to answer the question "Where are the women bloggers?" for good -- so we put our credit cards on the table, put our hands on our keyboards and got to work suggesting a conference that became BlogHer '05 for 300+ people.Today BlogHer is not just a conference, but a community that gave rise to a growing media company that reaches 20+ million people. We come together to write the award-winning news service, to publish Fortune 500 advertising on more than 2,500 superb blogs, and, of course, for events and conferences. With a team of 44 amazing human beings, via offices in New York and Silicon Valley and a growing number of fantastic sponsors who believe in women who blog, BlogHer, Inc. helps women who blog get read, get speaking gigs, get press and marketing for their writing and, if a blogger who embraces our editorial standards is interested in a publisher, get paid. We've loved every minute of it. As always, we want to hear what you think -- and we'd like to thank you with an anniversary present: We're giving away five BlogHer '10 conference passes. Here's how to participate:Step 1: Write a post, comment or Tweet tagged #BlogHer5 on any one of the following topics. Whichever one you choose, it can be abut anything BlogHer, including conference, site and network. Here are your five ways to play: 5 words: Define BlogHer in five words 5 connections: You made through BlogHer 5 pictures: You took at a BlogHer event 5 issues: BlogHer should tackle in the next 5 years 5 opportunities: You’ve gotten because of blogging or BlogHerStep #2: You can leave a comment here with your #BlogHer5 thoughts, but if you choose to blog or tweet, please come back and leave a link to your thoughts in the comments here.  We’ll give 5 BlogHer ‘10 passes at random by February 15, pulling from all of the people who leave a comment here with their #BlogHer5 entry. The pass will be yours to keep or share. (Apologies, but we just cannot track the Twitterverse or BlogHerVerse accurately enough to give everyone a chance to compete fairly for a pass.). So let's get this party started: You've earned it. Together this community has played an important leadership role in demonstrating the sheer power of women using social media -- as writers, commentators, readers, consumers, change agents and entrepreneurs.We are just so proud to be part of this community. Here's to the next five years. :) Best, Lisa for Elisa, Jory and Lisa BlogHer Co-foundersLisa Stone BlogHer Co-founder, Surfette  BlogHer is non-partisan but our bloggers aren't! Follow our coverage of Politics & News....more

Hi there:  Here's my tweet.  Would love to go.


(1-1) Snack food in xiamen-----Oyster omelete

(1-1) Snack food in xiamen-----Oyster omelete     ...more

Been Blogging for a year, but new to BlogHer.

Hello!I'm just this average, run of the mill girl plucked from the big city in the "northland" Ontario, Canada and has been living with her common-law boyfriend in the prairies of Saskatchewan for the past two years. I met my prince while dating my abusive ex and he stole me two provinces away from my best friends (my parents). I've been dealing with work lay-offs, new kittens, TTC, health issues (drs still don't know, but we're close to a diagnosis) and trips home....more



Cooking Scallops, Ain't So Hard? Or is it?

Cooking Scallops with DeeNice A wonderful friend gave me fresh, huge, scallops a couple of days ago. I thought, Wow! this is great. But how do you cook these buggers?...more

Mobile Background Checks: Technology As Buzz Kill

CNN is reporting today that two companies have developed mobile apps to do instant background checks! Mobile apps!!! ...more

Failure as the Secret to Success

So many people are afraid of failure that they fail to start. We look to paragons of success around us and never see the series of failures that happened along their path. For some reason we think we need to be immune from failure if we are to amount to anything in our careers, our businesses, our lives. Yet the very opposite is true. it is not failure but what we learn from failure that is the key to success. ...more


Great - and true! - post, Paula.  FailCon - what a great idea for a ...more

The Hubby Diaries & my Unemployment Blog

Hello! I'm brand new to this site and, I'm pretty new to blogging.  I started about 3 months ago, right after I found myself unexpectedly unemployed. I just updated my profile with my 2 blogs.. One provides anecdotal stories about life with my hubby.  I share entries about the funny, and oftentimes very frustrating differences between men & women.  ...more

O’ Buffy, Where Art Thou?

( don’t know about you but six years later, I’m still having Buffy withdrawals. SF/F television isn’t quite the same since Buffy went away. Then to make matters worse, the last two contenders, Angel and Firefly, were also sucked into TV’s Hellmouth of Cancellation. I just wanted to cry....more

I am so glad to see this post as I look lovingly at my seven season dvd of Buffy, five ...more