Conferences Relaunch: A Holiday Poem

The relaunch of our Conferences section is big news around here. Isn't it pretty!!!??? As a thank you to the awesome people who made it so, I wrote a little poem I hope you will enjoy ......more

Lynn, this little ditty is kind of amazing. And the new conference site looks beautiful!more

Houston, we have a problem (with our under-monitored children)

My teenage daughter and I are fairly close and we talk a lot about what goes on in school these days. She has told me how she is teased by the kids at high school whenever the subject of sex comes up. She is jokingly called a prude even though she has a lot of friends and people do tend to follow her. But,  she has made a conscious choice not to get caught up in what they do and expresses her heart-felt concern and disgust for the actions of the students who she knows is wrapped up in sex and pornography -which according to her is nearly everyone....more

Can you make a living from your Computer?


Get Going with Tabs

Are you working as fast and smart as you could in your browser? One way to do that is with tabs. You'll learn about working with tabs in Firefox in this article. Most of these tips will also apply to Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera—though you may have to search the menus for the capability. ...more

Rock Out With Your Spock Out

A Guide to the New Star Trek Film For the Geek Impaired: When you are in love, sometimes you try strange new things for the sake of love, which explains that time in college when I did hallucinogenic mushrooms. When you are in love with a geek you try out geeky things. ...more

What's New At Hulu and How YouTube Is Fighting Back

Last week was the first anniversary of a milestone in online video:  it was Hulu's birthday and across the internet, tech and video gurus alike are taking stock of the popular video site. Just as I predicted in my post about the site last year, Hulu has become a huge hit.  ...more

It never occurred to me because I don't have any hearing issues, but you're right, Hulu ...more

How do you build community?

When Virginia asked for your blogging questions, I sort of forgot that she'd probably get the question I hear all of the time. The question I've made a living by answering everyday for more years than I can remember. It should also be a lot easier to answer this question than it is. "How do you build community?" ...more

 This is a helpful article, Denise.  Thanks for the link.  My latest move, 4 years ago, was ...more