"Hongyan baomeng - all beauty has a tragic end" from Peach Blossom Pavillon by Mingmei Yip ...more

New Moon in Cancer (Again!) Artist Feature

New Moon in Cancer (Again!) Artist Feature ...more

6 Cosmetic Touch-Ups

Are fake boobs a faux pas? It all depends on who you ask. When it comes to cosmetic surgery we all have our own level of tolerance as to what is acceptable and how much plastic is pathological. But what if your smile makes you sad, or your eye sight is impairing your better judgment? Why should you suffer when a relatively minor procedure or fix can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself? ...more

Unleash Your Imagination

To achieve what you imagine for yourself, begin with an end in mind. Picture yourself as you will be after you accomplish your goal. Fill in the details. See yourself in that situation. Make it vivid and real in your thoughts, connect with it consistently. Become skilled at visualization. Take action toward achieving your goal every day. Small steps. Make your vision a part of your life and make sure you are passionate enough about what you want to get through the low points, distractions and changeback pressure. ...more

Poisin Ivy Glow


All Natural Battle Royal: The Fight For The Right To My Own Hair!

My hair looks crazy, and I look jacked. It’s been this way for about 2 months now. I’m a broke, possibly unemployed (a whole different story) newly-wed in a new town. This town, while I like it, doesn’t exactly cater to my culture. I think I saw 2 home perm kits in the local beauty supply... Anyway, for about 2 months my hair has been unkempt. Most of the black woman reading this will probably gasp. 2 months?!? ...more

Don't fight it honey, you just have to learn it... it takes time... come join me and my ...more

WORK STYLE - Madison Marcus * Alice + Olivia * Sergio Rossi * Diesel * Citrine by the Stone

Get This Look: Madison Marcus Charm Top Alice + Olivia Cady Cuff Shorts Sergio Rossi Fedora Cutout Sandal Diesel Gold Gilda Black Leather Satchel Citrine by the Stones Single Pendant Necklace   ...more

The (forgotten) joys of childhood

When I was a little girl, there was no doubt I was a tomboy, through and through. There was simply no better way to spend the long hot Georgia summer days than to run barefoot through fresh-cut grass, catch crickets and lizards, climbing trees, and hopping from rock to rock in the creek behind my neighborhood. That being said, I did have the occasional moment of girlishness (as is normal, even for tomboys). For example I remember making the long drive to visit my mama Summers and her mother (my great-grandmother) ...more

Giving Good Face

Today was my day off, however I helped my coworker lug a humongoid painting to a multi-million dollar condo for a home viewing. After bungeeing it to the top of her Explorer, carrying it up two flights of stairs, cutting through the hour-long plastic wrapping job I’d cocooned it in last night, and propping it up next to Moneybags’ fireplace, she said it looked good, but she wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. I’m from the South so I’m pretty good at freezing my face before it contorts into honest emotional reactions; I can slap a toothy smile on ...more

Part Organic, Still light Green

  I mentioned in my last blog my new goal to just start off being "light Green" and eating better (and exercising some time), and this is all apart of my goal to be a happier and much HEALTHIER me & mommy.  And also hopefully influence my son to be the healthiest him he can be.   Going with the flow of my inspiration I will be PART organic.  It takes away the pressure to try to do all my grocery shopping at the health food stores - NO TOASTER STRUDEL??!!! ...more

Hi there--I just saw your post on the Simple Living group. I'm kind of new to BlogHer ...more