What to Wear When You Go Back to Work: Six Tips for an Office-Ready Look

For many women, the hardest part of a new job is getting dressed. After a whole lot of freelancing and telecommuting and part-timing and generally squeaking by in the professional world with the bare wardrobe necessities, I've recently found myself with a wonderful opportunity that puts me back in an office, full time, every day. And not just any old office, but an office full of Prada-loving, expensive-haircut-having, disposable-income-spending, fashionable peers. ...more
Great ideas and tips. I think we all have an inkling of what is appropriate in the office, but ...more

Cold Weather - Who Cares!... Let's Talk Shoes!!


Kate Gosselin Finally Ditches the Mullet

Out with the old, in with the new. For single celebrity mom-of-8 Kate Gosselin, 2010 means it's finally time to say farewell to her trademark look: The reverse mullet. The short, spiky, flat-ironed 'do has been replaced by a long, blonde weave. So far the verdict is... well, to put it nicely, not great. But regardless of how we feel about her new locks I think we can all safely agree that it was time for a change....more

Glamour's Plus Sized Photo Shoot: Real Change, or Trend?

In September, Glamour magazine included a small photo of model Lizzi Miller. The photo wasn't on the cover, or even in a prominent spread; instead, it was tucked away on page 194, next to a piece about body image titled "What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body." The response, of course, was overwhelming; women were enthralled by Miller's size 12-14 body, particularly her tummy. Because she had a tummy, which was remarkable for a model in a fashion magazine.Jezebel's Margaret Hartman appreciated Glamour's attempt to include real women, but hesitantly:...more

As you mentioned, whether or not a size 12 is healthy depends on the height of the woman. If ...more

Taking A Page Out of My Grandmother's (and Mad Men's) Fashion Handbook

I recently told a friend that I wish I could live in the world of the AMC television series "Mad Men," and she looked at me sideways as if to say, "Are you crazy?" So, just to be clear, I don't want the desperately sad, repressed, where-do-you-go-when-you-take-walks-by-yourself?, everybody's having an affair part of "Mad Men." No, no. I just want the clothes. Oh! The clothes!! Okay, the clothes and the makeup. And the hair. And, sure, throw in the furniture while you're at it. ...more

I watch Madmen.  I find it creepy but I agree that the clothes are wonderful.  It ...more

Fashion Week in Review | 5 Spring Trends that Don't Belong in Your Closet

What's happening this week in the world of fashion?  We have a new designer denim line at a more affordable price point, advice on how to DIY your own version of Michelle Obama's Junya Watanabe cardigan, and key shoewear trends for Spring.  Plus, five Spring trends that do NOT belong in your closet! ...more

Wear More Gemstone and Beads and Have Fun

Times are hard, but let's have some fun.  Let's start wearing our beads and gemstones to look our best (and be optimisitic) during these hard times. No need to spend lots of money.  Try to design your own jewelry, or redux what you haven't worn for a while.  ...more
What jewelry means to me? personality , creativness, colorful, pleasurable, learning, meeting ...more