Spend Less Time on Facebook and Enjoy it More

Is it possible to spend less time on a site but get more out of it?  When it comes to Facebook, the answer is yes.  Local Fun for Kids has compiled a list of ways to get the news you need from Facebook quickly, without having to wade through the sponsored posts, the game updates, and the continuous notifications for every comment that comes after your own.  And beyond that, maybe it's a case of absence making the heart grow fonder, because by hiding that app on your phone, you'll be less inclined to check the feed and more inclined to do things that are status update-worthy. ...more

secret handshakes and head nods

Friday, July 1, 2011...more

Women Networking and Social Sites

Its funny how full circle I have come. I really was not searching for networking with other women, I started out by using the internet for stress reduction, I think I have found the end of the internet. When you start going back into yourself and seeking out humans then you know you have come to the end of the net. No longer satisfied by the virtual world, I seek other women and men too who I can identify with and bond with on a real human experience level....more

I too have the same interests as you. Just started blogging last month. You can visit by blog ...more

Meeting friends

I've been giving some thought as to how I'll go about meeting people and making new friends once we've moved to Windsor, and thought I'd do a bit of a braindump here so as to remember some of the ideas I've come up with. ...more

Kids Coping With Death-Loss: Year-round Support Groups - Boston

The Souper   Jeff's Place: Year-round support groups in Metro-Boston for kids coping with death-loss. Summer Camp Week affiliated with The Manitou Experience. Join Facebook for Jeff's Place to learn more and share this link with others. Jeff's Place http://www.hs.facebook.com/pages/Jeffs-Place/139145342792820?ref=share Grief support 4 kids coping with death-loss....more

Ning to Close All Free Networks--BlogHer Gives You Options

In a shocking move, Ning announced yesterday that it would close all unpaid networks, leaving many online stranded after taking years to build their networks or utilizing Ning communities as their social space. No date has been set yet for the closure of the free networks. Paid networks will not be affected by this move. ...more

You're right--members may pay to continue the group, but I may begin to more seriously seek ...more