From Happy Days to Hoarders: What Do You Think of What Your Teens Watch?

BlogHer's Shannon wrote an insightful post looking into preschool television shows back in January. But what about television that tweens and teens watch? Television that you and I watch (or will watch someday) with our kids? I'm not talking about individual shows, I'm talking about television in general. With a gazillion channels to choose from and DVRs abounding, one can certain insulate against undesirable shows easily. But what about our kids? ...more

I like a couple of the shows my kid watches -- Phineas & Ferb and Wizards of Waverly ...more

Will Your School-Agers Still Need Book Covers in Five Years?

E-books, man. They're infiltrating schools. Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Conn., got rid of the 20,000 books in its school library, trading up to flatscreens, Kindles and computers only. And now that Google has paired with On Demand Books (the company that invented a book vending machine), schools could potentially serve up printed e-books in the public domain like cotton candy. ...more

I have a first generation Kindle on loan from a friend and I love it when I travel or want to ...more

Child Care: It Never Gets Easier to Choose

My daughter started kindergarten this year, and because we wanted to ease her transition, we left her in her normal daycare for before-and-after-school care instead of putting her in the program run by the public school system. Even though it cost $200 a month more....more

I live in London, and we have the same issues.  Next week my kids will be out of school ...more

The Parent Child Book Club - book review


Why Buy the Cow.... or, Giving Girls "the Talk" My grandpa told me in High school Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free? A reference to where that idiomatic expression comes from is clickable.... OK, so why am I bringing this up? Well, a few weeks ago, I had to give my zillionth "The Talk". ...more

I have been mentoring for decades and take the boys with me.  I work exclusively with ...more

John Frieda Collection:Brilliant Brunette

I have received my sample of the John Fieda Collection: Brilliant Brunette. When I use the shampoo I've noticed it's not sudsy/bubbly like any other types of shampoo's. The shampoo and conditioner combined works well together. My hair has come out soft like silk and great smelling too. They have other types for different hair colors as well. Check it out for yourselves! Awesome product!...more

Test Your Inner Braniac


National Bulling Prevention Week

National Bully Awareness National Bully Awareness is not about learning how to be a better bully.  It is about being aware if you are being bullied what to do.  It is also about recognizing if you are the one being a bully.  ...more

Handy Tips When Purchasing or Wearing Earrings

We all love earrings, as they are such a vital part of a woman's jewelery collection. There are a few things that you should know.....   ...more