More Than Meets The Eye

Love water? Check this out: ...more

Interview With BlogHer's Gina Garrubbo

As some of you may know, my business partner and I conducted a video interview with BlogHer's very own Gina Garrubbo not too long ago in her Manhattan office.  Gina is's featured Mom Mentor this month (along with Dina Manzo of The Real Housewives of NJ). is made up of a community of return to work and working moms who gain inspiration and a sense of empowerment from women like Gina.  ...more

Hi Jory,

Gina had wonderful things to say about you too. We did ask her, in fact, how ...more

New Years Resolutions Down the Drain?

It's not news that more than a few New Year's Resolutions have been discarded by now. Resolutions at any time of the year fail due to lack of clarity, comittment, and consistency. Turn your good intentions into a new habit with these 3 steps: 1. Get Creative - Use your motivation to a develop a specific and timed goal. The more details, the better. 2. Build a Mental and Physical Link to Your Goal - Make a comittment to connect with your goal through focused thought and targeted action, at least daily. The more connection each day, the better. ...more

Could You Go a Whole Year With Only Five Pounds of Plastic Trash?

What if you were told you were only allowed to generate five pounds of plastic trash this year? And what if that five pounds had to include both your recyclable AND non-recyclable plastic? Could you do it? How would you live? According to reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (PDF) and the California Integrated Waste Management Board (PDF), the average American generates between 88 and 128 pounds of plastic trash (before recycling) per year. ...more

Those are really cool SS straws!  Never heard of them.  Now gotta get ...more

(1-1) Snack food in xiamen-----Oyster omelete

(1-1) Snack food in xiamen-----Oyster omelete     ...more

Valentines Day Traditions

Valentines Day is coming…that one day each year devoted to sharing and showing your lover how much they mean to you. This is the day our husbands scramble to get that over priced bouquet of roses that die almost immediately, a box of candy that will require another 10 hours in the gym and jewelry that you wouldn’t necessarily choose for yourself and rarely wear....more

A Little Culinary Insight From Chef Heinz Lauer - Local, Artisan, Small Plates, Garlic, Las Vegas & More

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone utter the word, “trend,” in the weeks leading up to 2010, well, you could dub me the new Warren Buffet.  ...more

Great recipes for the New Year

I've added lots of great recipes to my blog during the month of December and January.  Tired of the same old recipes?  Try some that I've posted.  You won't be I'd love to hear your comments posted on my blog if you try them or have any questions.  Enjoy! Vicki Bensinger...more

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Tart

This tart is a like a classier, more delicious (if possible) chocolate pecan pie, which is one of my favorite pies....more


"Love all, trust a few." - William Shakespeare     ...more