#BlogHer15 An Evening with Marcus Samuelsson and Canadian Lentils

As I was preparing to attend BlogHer15 in New York City, a very pleasant invitation popped up in my email box.  I had to pinch myself! Dinner at the famed Red Rooster Harlem/Ginny’s Supper Club along with a chance to meet Chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson, I'm in!  Being the shameless foodie I am, I had no intention of missing this event....more

10 Tips for Cultivating Connections at Conferences and Events

All event and conference planners (including BlogHer's), sponsors and hosts hope they deliver on at least one of the main reasons people attend their events. And it's no surprise that networking is always cited as one of the top three reasons most people attend conferences, conventions or events. (The other two include, learning/education and getting out of the office.)...more

Thoughts on #BlogHer14

I never posted it, but I had drafted a post about BlogHer14 anticipation that I was going to schedule for the Thursday I’d be traveling to San Jose.I re-read it the day I returned home and I wanted to cry....more

Dear 2015 BlogHer Conference Newbies

 I was totally in your shoes last year. Well, my shoes probably aren't as trendy as yours, but you get the idea. You might be overwhelmed by the groups of bloggers you pass, who always seem to be in constant states of glee and giddiness. You'll wonder, "Why are they so happy?...more
Thanks for the advice - I am looking forward to my first conference since I launched ...more

BlogHer '13: The Good, The Bad, The Brands

This past weekend was BlogHer ‘13 in Chicago. If you have not heard of it, this is the largest conference for primarily female bloggers in the USA and has been happening for several years now. This was my fourth year attending. Last year I was a bit critical of BlogHer ‘12 and honestly I did not think I would go this year, but in the end I did and I was happy to see improvements....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com I know - how did we miss each other? ACK! Next time we will have to set an ...more

The Guy in The Man Suit at Blogher 2013

Ten to fifteen percent of Blogher conference attendees are men.  Just three percent of the 2,600 submissions for Voices of the Year were chosen to be honored.  From what I can tell, less than a handful of those are men.  I am an attendee, a VOTY honoree and a man.  I feel incredibly humbled and also?Scared....more

Announcing the BlogHer Food '13 Call for Ideas!

Update: The BlogHer Food Call for Ideas has closed.  Thank you to all of you who submitted your ideas.**********************************Since last June's Yeehaw Heard 'Round the World -- that BlogHer Food would be coming to Austin, TX in 2013 -- the excitement around the conference, the content, and (of course) the food has been fixin' to blow the lid off Twitter, Facebook, and ye ol' blogs.We're happy to announce that today, you can start channeling that excitement into concrete ideas, because the BlogHer Food '13 Call for Ideas is open, y'all!...more
@lindsaydahl I would assume not, though I haven't been.  If you are looking for that kind of ...more

Pack Your Bags for a Conference

Summer seems to be a busy conference season, at least for folks like me, who don't regularly attend work-related meetings through-out the year.  I've received registration info for conferences for my sorority, state PTA, and Mocha Moms, in addition to the trade shows for wool and yarn (yes, there is such a thing), books, and scrapbooking.  And I know others have headed off to to other sorority conferences, Jack & Jill, BlogHer12, home business companies, and who knows what else....more

Beyond the Swag and Invites There Will Be Magic

The thing is, none of this happened at a party. None of this was related to giveaways. The fun was padding down hallways, ducking in hotel rooms and pouring out of sessions, spilling out on to the street and going with the friendly, spontaneous flow. Parties are nice, free things can be fun, but the flipside is that it can be deadweight. Tied down to being somewhere at a certain time, stuck lugging strange things. It isn’t what you’ll keep....more
 @Amanda_Magee Why am I listed as prichardcwi instead of Pam Fisher?  This is EXACTLY why I need ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- June 29, 2012

Happy weekend friends. There is so much to share that I am going to jump right in. First, I'll cover BlogHer '12 in New York, which is just a few weeks away. Here we go...Major announcements (in no particular order)......more