Abdominal Workout #1

Abdominal Workout #1Strength training and abdominal/core work are essential to an all around physically fit lifestyle. Here is a great abdominal workout that gives you a great burn, doesn’t take long, and along with a healthy diet and cardio, will give you those rock hard abs you’ve been dreaming of!...more

Getting back in shape means having to push myself.

Recently, I held K in my arms and was arching my back too much.  It made my mommy gut (What?  I don’t have THAT.  Who said that?!  Don’t listen to her!) disappear.  Standing with my stomach muscles nice n’ taut, he knocked on it asking, “Mommy, why is your tummy so hard?”  Smiling, I replied, I’m leaning back so it’s making my stomach muscles tighten.  But I knew that I was working hard on my core and maybe I wasn’t leaning back all that much.  Maybe that unsightly area was disappearing. ...more
@Cindyhuber Ha! What a clever response to his question. He really Did leave something there. ...more

Get Your Body Back After Baby with Lindsay Brin

Having had three kids in the past 10 years I have always blamed my little stomach pooch on ‘three healthy babies’.  I didn’t think it was really possible to get it back to a flat and toned state, and thus had completely given up the idea.  But knowing exercise is important to overall health, I knew I wanted to include it as part of the Virtual Summer Camp for Moms event I was putting together….so I googled ‘fitness for moms’ and up popped a beautifully toned, young mom....more

Why Sit Ups are Bad For Your Health

Just like Review Tuesday, I am reinstituting Workout Wednesday. Each Wednesday, I will highlight a workout from the previous week....more