(VIDEO) How to Choose a New Mattress and Get Some Sleep

There's only one thing that I hate more than shopping for a new car, and that's shopping for a new mattress. Which explains why TW and I slept on a (cheap) IKEA futon for 18 months after her mom moved in and took over our bed. I wasn't worried about our mattress shopping excursion turning into a Monty Python skit but ... well maybe I was. ...more

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I didn't realize until my first daughter was about 2 years old that many ...more

What To Eat For A Better Night's Sleep

Did you know that getting enough sleep is as important to good health as nutrition and exercise? It's true. And if you're not getting enough sleep, you may be putting both your emotional and physical health at risk. Could something you're eating be causing you sleepless nights? Are there foods that can help you have a better night's sleep? If you're one of the millions of people who just can't seem to get enough sleep, maybe it's something you're eating (or not eating). When it comes to food, what you DON'T eat is much more important than what you do eat. ...more

I could not agree more with ALL the points in your article.
Just ...more

Sleep Deprivation, Sleep Disorders: Is It Time to See a Specialist?

Last week, I wrote about my sleep troubles, and how I hope to overcome them by the end of the summer. In that post, I shared a number of tips I'm planning on trying. I hope they'll help me (and anyone else suffering with sleep deprivation) to get more sleep. ...more

Hi Michelle. It can't hurt to follow-up with a sleep specialist. I think when we have chronic ...more

Tips For Getting Enough Sleep: When Was the Last Time You Had a Good Night's Sleep?

Are you one of the millions of Americans not getting enough sleep?  When was the last time you had a good night's sleep?  Can you even remember? ...more

Hi Vibi. While not a cure for sleep deprivation, it (hanky panky) certainly can be a big help ...more

Tips & Foods for Avoiding Fatigue and Increasing Energy

Are you tired and sluggish all the time? If so, it could be something you're eating (or not eating). Knowing what foods can help keep your energy up might be just what you need to get through your busy day. Before we talk about what food are best, lets take a quick look at what you should try to avoid... Stay away from "quick-fix" foods that contain a lot of sugar or caffeine (like candy bars, soda, and coffee). Although these may give you a quick spike in your energy level, that energy will rapidly bottom out leaving you feeling even more lethargic. ...more

I totally agree with you. That craving has the potential to derail our healthy mindset ...more

How to Vanquish Vampire Power

Did you know your microwave uses up more power when you're not using it than when you are? Yes, the microwave draws a lot of energy when you start nuking something, but the vast majority of the time, the machine's sitting idle while slowly sipping energy to light up its display. According to Umbra at Grist, that slow, daily sip ends up being about 80% of the energy your appliance consumes! ...more

Good point about cute shapes and colors -- and I'd throw in a request for strips that ...more

Good Sleep Is A Wish The Tired Heart Makes

I haven't had a good night's sleep in over four years. The last such night was probably sometime in the second trimester of my pregnancy with my first child, and even then it was probably the kind of sleep that was disrupted by all manner of first pregnancy anxieties. Since then, it's been one long battle with sleep-averse children, parental insomnia, second pregnancy discomfort and anxiety and just general household chaos, all of which works against sleep.So, yeah. I haven't slept in years....more

I'm going on four years of lack of sleep too. Probably either caused or aggravated my chronic ...more