(POLL) How Do You Feel About Community School Supplies?

Over the next month, kids across the country will be headed back to school (and some are even there already, including my fourth-grader). With back-to-school comes back-to-school shopping: for clothes, for shoes and for school supplies. Unlike your kids' sneakers or shirts, crayons are sometimes put into a pile and shared—a practice known as "community school supplies"—and this practice has some parents really mad. ...more
Day 0, We attended orientation and brought the supplies that the teacher listed that our child ...more

Fall Television Premieres 2013: Everything Old is New Again

In 1978, the crop of new shows on broadcast TV consisted of robots, cops, detectives, lawyers, moms, girl buddies, boy buddies, and Robin Williams (Mork and Mindy). In 2013, the new fall TV series will include…the same exact thing. It’s back to the future time, everybody! Image: Fox ...more
IF I can keep up with my current line up? I'll be doing well.more

The 2013 BlogHer-Taubman Style Study

In August,  the 2013 BlogHer-Taubman Style Study was fielded to 1,609 female respondents, aged 18 and older. Of the respondents, 821 were members of the BlogHer Visionaries Panel, and 787 were members of the general U.S. population.   Following are some of the key findings:...more
Great data! Funny too know that my 10 lbs purse is common in the NE. It's really serves 2 ...more

Join the BlogHer Visionaries Panel!

Do you know about the BlogHer Visionaries? It's a powerful group of 4600 articulate women who have strong opinions about everything from social media to consumer electronics to brands and products. Visionaries who opt into the program, have an opportunity to participate in the following: ...more

Labor Day Style Poll: What Fashion Rules Will You NOT Break?

Labor Day is upon us, and though the long-abandoned fashion rule of "Never wear white after Labor Day" seems as quaint as a violet posy, someone always brings it up right about now. And then a discussion usually ensues about how following fashion rules at all has been one-upped by the fashion rule of NOT following any fashion rules. For example: Mix your prints? Hells to the yeah. ...more
I wear horizontal stripes all the time. Because rules are stupid. (Though I don't wear white ...more

Poll: Do You Have Friends of a Different Race?

A recent poll conducted by Reuters reports that many Americans have no friends of a race other than their own. It’s not that surprising, given the dramatically different ways people have reacted to recent events such as the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting, or even last week’s Twitter trend #solidarityisforwhitewomen. ...more
Well, I was born in San Francisco, and I've lived in the Bay Area my entire life.  I think that ...more

(POLL) Hannah Anderson Rescued: Is the Digital AMBER Alert Working?

I got back last last night from a weekend outside cell service to news that was an incredible relief: 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, the teenage girl who had been abducted by a friend of the family also suspected of killing her mother and brother, had been rescued in Idaho by FBI agents. ...more
I live in California, so when I received the message it was in the afternoon when I received it. ...more

Truth and Dare: If You Weren’t Afraid, What Would You Do?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? With any part of your life–-personal, professional, voice, heart, body, and/or soul? You may wonder what Sheryl Sandberg, who keynoted BlogHer ’13, has to fear. Ms. Sandberg wrote #1 Bestseller Lean In just after taking Facebook public as Chief Operating Officer and, before that, making her let’s-call-it sayonara money as a Google executive. What’s she got to be afraid of ...more
My fear is here, stepping out and being heard by an audience I do not know and who, ...more

Pick Your Favorite Gale Anne Hurd Movie/TV Show

Let's face it, life is fraught with peril. Even if the last scary thing that happened to you was having to terminate a spider in the shower, it seems one can't open a laptop or turn on a TV without seeing updates on the latest mayhem the 21st century has to offer. Plane crashes, terrorism, mass shootings...it's a non-stop horror show. Which is why, oddly enough, I find that sometimes the perfect escape from real life fright is to spend a couple of hours in a dark theater being scared witless by a movie. ...more
I am a Science Fiction fan, but more of the imaginative fantasy variety than monster/horror.  ...more

What's Your Favorite Summer Food?

What with all the Memorial Day grilling recipes we've been reading, and BlogHer Food '13 in less than two weeks -- it's definitely starting to feel like summer's here. It's the time of year you start to hear the music of the ice-cream truck, break out those little plastic corn cob holders, and -- if you're me -- bust into a chorus of "Home-Grown Tomatoes:" ...more
@Karen Ballum Funny, for me fresh seafood is more winter b/c of Dungeness crab. Though summer ...more