Women and Social Media in 2012

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The 2011 Social Media Matters Study

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I am involved in all aspects of social media. I have a degree in journalism and I finally do ...more

2010 Social Media Matters study

The BlogHer – iVillage 2010 Social Media Matters Study, co-sponsored by Ketchum and the Nielsen Company, is available here as a PDF file. The study's objectives are to size, scale, qualify and compare media usage patterns across cross- sections of the population such as gender, generation, blogging focus, and media channel preference. ...more

2009 Women and Social Media Study

A trended study which sizes and qualifies the social media world for womenwhile examining the time shift from traditional media to social media.Segments behaviors from Bloggers, Message Boards and Social Networks....more

2008 Women and Social Media Study

Ground breaking study that identifies media habits and motivations forbloggers as well as the effect blogs have on purchasing decisions....more