The Elk* on the Shelf

She's here! Her name is Elsa. She makes Zuzu slightly nervous ....more

Surviving Infertility During the Holidays

The season of never-ending gatherings has begun. It’s during this time that our hearts will ache even more.The holidays has a way to bring out the Grinch in some of us and tend to remind us that our family building hasn’t been the way we had planned. Seeing your siblings and cousins with their children can remind you of what (who) you don’t have, and that, of course, never easy....more

Mental Sampler 7

By now, I am sure you have read about the fertility-enhancing worm....more

Who's in Charge Here?

When we met with Zuzu's teachers to talk about her biting issue, we talked a lot about how independent she is and how she wants to be in control of the situation all the time. (In translation, she's kind of a handful.) They recommended giving her choices, which is also what they do at school. We do this almost all the time anyway--pancakes or bagel for breakfast? ...more

Black Friday

I had zero interest in getting out and doing Black Friday shopping. One year David and I stood in line at Best Buy and I got a great deal on a laptop, but we haven't done it since. I don't like crowds or getting up early, so it doesn't appeal to me ....more

You Can Still Have Adventures with Endometriosis

I want to share a little something about me. I have Endometriosis. I know sharing something like this is a stray from the usual posts but I felt a strong urge to share for the simple reason that when I was going through the diagnosis and researching how to manage the illness, I found stories from others incredibly helpful. More helpful than doctors to be quite honest. Knowing I wasn't alone and learning from others about how they manage the illness was both comforting and useful. ...more
Any information you need on endo, feel free to ask me! I am well versed in the topic! Stay strong!more

#flipthescript 6: Adoptee Rights Begin at Birth

During November, I’m turning this space over on occasion to adoptees who are flipping the script. Some of what you read in this series may be tough to take in, but I think the more we can listen to others’ viewpoints, the better we can understand the countless facets of adoption (and humanity for that … Continue reading #flipthescript 6: Adoptee Rights Begin at Birth → The post #flipthescript 6: Adoptee Rights Begin at Birth appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

572nd Friday Blog Roundup

It is so quiet on the Internet today....more


It was a weird Thanksgiving. We changed our plans to be with David's grandma (a month ago, she and her boyfriend were going to come to our house for t-day). We are staying in a condo with my parents and visiting D's gma's house, so we do get to see everybody ....more


Even when things are hard, there is always so much to be Thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving ....more