Living to have a Baby

How do you know when an adoption...more

Endometriosis Explained

As if we didn’t have enough potential health problems to worry about, women of child-bearing age are becoming more and more susceptible to a painful and distressing gynaecological condition called Endometriosis.  It is becoming more common these days, effecting up to 10% of women.  ...more

Succeeding to Fail

Candace- HOPE- Sunday, the night before our beta was like the day of emotional turmoil. Nervously, and with heavy hearts we both knew what the outcome was. I mean it's kind of obvious when you blazed through close to 7 or 8 boxes  of home pregnancy tests. Each one, hoping to grasp for some sign that the one before was wrong. This is where hope comes in, although all of these home tests were negative, we still tried to convince ourselves that just maybe they were wrong. You start to develop a myriad of excuses to yourself why it maybe positive. Late implantation? Low betas?...more

How I feel everyday

My mind runs sometimes a million miles a minute. Wondering, questioning, begging, praying. I know that it seems like I question a lot but I have to get these things off my mind. And in all honesty I don't want to tell anyone I have all these feeling. I wonder sometimes why the Lord is not answering my prayers at this time. I know there is a reason but I just wonder what it is. Why am I having to experience this? These unanswered questions seem to grip at my heart. We cannot understand why God allows certain things to happen in our lives....more

Infertility and PCOS: How It Really Feels

My symptoms are that I have irregular cycles that prevent me from ovulating or not ovulating often, and my lining measures thin. It was so hard to hear that. I broke down crying because I was just so overwhelmed and emotionally checked out. Not to mention the situation that had happened me right before I entered her office. Honestly, I never started my period. My OBGYN told me I have Underveloped uterus and ovaries when i was 13 and could never carry full term. I was devastate and cried when I got home. I still cry to this day even though I am 20....more

Trouble Conceiving After Hormonal Contraception?

When a woman has been on hormonal contraceptives such as the pill for an extended period of time, there is often a stage of infertility after stopping contraception.  For some women, regular menstrual cycles and ovulation return within a month or two, while for others it can take up to a year or longer for hormones to rebalance and cycles to return to normal.  ...more

Letter to a C-Section Mom, Pen > Paper > Heart

Dear C-Section Mom,I know your pain. I never thought I would have a C-section either. A c-section was humiliating in my mind. In my mind I was unable to deliver him, and needed someone else to do it for me. It also meant that I might be limited to the amount of children I would have. I was not prepared for the pain, both emotionally and physically....more

This new mother delves into blogging about life motherhood and mental health

Today my baby girl turned 4 weeks old. It is such an unbelievable blessing.  I've decided to be transparent about my struggles with mental health and motherhood today to honour my dedication to my health and my daughter's life. When I was 10 weeks pregnant a psychiatrist suggested I might be bipolar. When I was about 16 weeks pregnant a second psychiatrist suggested the same possibility. So many psychological and physiological changes occur for the first time during and after pregnancy. It is a tough time to process any new health issues firing the antenatal period....more