Surviving the Two Week Wait

Oh the TWW.Fewer things will make us so pedantic for symptom checking & susceptible to magic beans like this limbo.   My survival guide for staying sane through the maybe-baby stage looks a little something like this:...more

That next big thing

“My life is over.” “What’s the point of living?” “My life has no purpose.” " "It’s all downhill from here." ...more

If we're childless, what is our legacy?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the issue of what we leave behind. I’ve been prompted by reading someone else’s thoughts and fears on this matter for the past few months, as well as visiting my mother and looking at family trees and old photos. When we are childless, what is our legacy? Do we even have one? Why do we want one? Is it important?...more

10 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self About IVF

Hindsight is a beautiful thing. I've never really been an early adopter. I'm fixed in my ways and stuck in my own beliefs. When I do believe in something, you can bet your bottom dollar I do so with insatiable passion. I'm not proud of this rigidity, but I'm working on it. ...more

Gifts of Infertility - Embracing the unknown

Growing up, and even as a young adult, I hated uncertainty, and loved to plan. I hated waiting for things, even though I was relatively patient in other respects. I hated waiting for exam results, I hated waiting to find out if I was accepted for my student exchange, and I hated waiting to see if a boy liked me. I liked certainty, as I am sure we all do....more

Thanks Synarel! It's been a blast!

Thanks Synarel!...more

miscarriageCARE: 15 Emotions Those Who Miscarry May Feel

What does a woman feel when she miscarries? ...more

IVF Rollercoaster: ‘Grueling, Painful, Isolating, Roll of Dice’

Pamela M. Tsigdinos is the author of the award-winning memoir, Silent Sorority. Her latest ebook on the aftermath of infertility and surviving IVF is: Finally Heard: A Silent Sorority Finds Its Voice.  ~~~...more
In an unexpected twist, the world's first IVF clinic asked me to write a post about how I moved ...more

11 Ways to Support a Friend Going Through Infertility

I know that your ability to have a baby (or many babies) is not what keeps me from having one of my own. I also know you are confused about how to approach me -- afraid your abundant fertility will send me into a deep pit of despair. As Cool Hand Luke would say, "What we've got here is failure to communicate." Here are 11 ways you can support a friend going through infertility. ...more

Putting Limits on God During Infertility

The following is a guest post written by my husband, Tom. He wrote this during the two week wait after our most recent IVF cycle. Honestly, I struggled a long time with whether or not to share it. It’s easy to post thoughts on how God can do amazing things after a successful cycle. Would I still have posted it if we’d received a BFN? I don’t know....more