Fun facts about ovaries

We’ve heard about ovaries, but since they’re tucked away inside, they’re not something we spend much time thinking about. So let’s get introduced!...more

{Foster Care} Officially Foster Parents!

The time has finally come. We are officially foster parents…whoop whoop! We have finished all things that we had to do to get our house opened.It’s actually really funny because I remember earlier this month, I was talking to my husband and it seemed like we had so much to do. And I just wasn’t sure if we were going to be opened this month. But now, I can’t figure out what I was worried about....more

Why Infertility is So Hard

I recently wrote a lengthy post all about my struggle with infertility which led us to adoption. Being raised by an adopted parent, I always had adoption in the back of my mind and honestly was not really concerned when the first few months and years passed without a pregnancy. When people would innocently (but rather nosily) ask when my husband and I were planning to start a family, I would respond that I didn’t know, but if we didn’t have children the old fashioned way by the time I was 30, we’d adopt....more
Love this comment: motherhood badge is earned through exhaustion, sweat and tears – not labor ...more

My Struggle with Infertility - Overcoming

For those currently struggling with infertility, I know this post might be tough to read but I encourage you too. I am hoping it will give you a little light in what can be a dark time. ...more

Infertility and Other People's Pregnancies (and Children)

 I’ve been in hiding for the last couple of weeks. Overwhelmed with all there has been, and still is, for me to do. Frustrated with myself about all of the things that I haven’t been able to get done....more

Protecting the DNA in Healthy Sperm

Protecting the DNA in healthy sperm is one of the most important things a future dad can do for his potential kids. One thing that sperm cannot do is make repairs to damaged DNA. Here are some things you can to do reduce the risk of sperm DNA damage:...more

PCOS: There's What in My Ovaries?

My friend “A” was tired of spending an eternity on the treadmill with no results. It’s not like she was one of those at-the-gym-just-to-Instagram types either—she’d just finished a year-long, 60-pound weight loss journey, was training for a half-marathon, and was eating organic non-processed foods. Why was her body resisting the exercise now? And not only that, she was gaining four to five pounds a week....more

Living to have a Baby

How do you know when an adoption...more

Endometriosis Explained

As if we didn’t have enough potential health problems to worry about, women of child-bearing age are becoming more and more susceptible to a painful and distressing gynaecological condition called Endometriosis.  It is becoming more common these days, effecting up to 10% of women.  ...more

Succeeding to Fail

Candace- HOPE- Sunday, the night before our beta was like the day of emotional turmoil. Nervously, and with heavy hearts we both knew what the outcome was. I mean it's kind of obvious when you blazed through close to 7 or 8 boxes  of home pregnancy tests. Each one, hoping to grasp for some sign that the one before was wrong. This is where hope comes in, although all of these home tests were negative, we still tried to convince ourselves that just maybe they were wrong. You start to develop a myriad of excuses to yourself why it maybe positive. Late implantation? Low betas?...more