What Nobody Tells You About Miscarriages

When miscarriage strikes, nobody hands you a fact-sheet with what to expect in the aftermath.   It certainly would have helped....more

The Internet: Cheaper Than Therapy

So.  My latest test (testing my testosterone levels for PCOS- Testosterone-y, the Real San Francisco Treat) came back normal- YAY, but now we are waiting for the next test.  When I had my HSG test my doctor saw something he wants to double check.  So I'm scheduled to have a hysteroscopy a week from Friday....more

Fear Factor is Having a Newborn with Teenagers--From Lost in Suburbia Stories

Six long years.  SIX YEARS I waited for him to join our family due to a struggle with secondary infertility.  When he finally did make his arrival, he joined two teenaged sisters who were sixteen and fourteen.  My daughter was our oldest, my step-daughter became our middle, and the baby we finally managed to make together will definitely remain that; the baby.  Some of our scariest moments, biggest challenges and greatest rewards Lost [and sleepless] in Suburbia, definitely involved having teenagers and an infant in the house at the same time....more

Calling Dibs: Choosing Who Will Carry the Baby

Much like choosing whether to have bangs or not, to summer on the Cape or the Berkshires or to have popcorn or Snowcaps at the movies- we had to make the tough decision... who will carry our child?!...more

How My Hormones are Like the Government Shut Down

During this process I have been on a lot of different pills.  In this post I break down what they are, what they are for and side effects....more

What Not to Ask Lesbian Moms

We found a really great Parents.com article on questions not to ask lesbian moms.  We felt it was worth sharing on our blog and added one more we were asked....more

Trying to concieve with PCOS

Welcome to my blog, Ive never done this before but here is a little introduction. My name is Kristie, I am 25, married and have been wanting a baby for 2 years but have only been trying almost a year. About a month ago I went to my doctor as my cycle between periods was up to 72 days. I was concerned about my fertility....more

The Upside of Infertility

Without a doubt, infertility is a condition that no one thinks will happen to her, and certainly, no one wants. Still it is a reality that many, many women - too many women - deal with for lots of different reasons. No one who has the diagnosis of infertility knows how long she will 'have' it....more

PCOS: Or How to Ruin a Girl's Day

Everything in our journey to begin artificial insemination has been fab until yesterday.  I was diagnosed with PCOS.  I have always struggled with weight and irregular periods so this makes sense.  But it doesn't make it any easier.  My post covers this with a witty tie to a 19th century novel.  Stay with me....more

The Infertility List Blog

Let's set the record straight. I'm not a psychologist with years worth of research in my portfolio. I'm not a doctor who knows big words about specific sections of the brain and the hormones that they squirt into the body. I'm not a fertility specialist who can explain to you the complexities of coping with the emotional baggage that comes with having broken lady parts....more