My First Insemination: It Only Felt Like a Little Prick

Hey team.  So after seeing our positive ovulation predictor test I called the clinic immediately (Saturday at 7pm).  They are "open" 7 days a week, but over the holiday weekend they had someone (wo)manning the phones that are checked periodically.  We waited and waited and didn't hear back until 10:30 Sunday morning.  Which, in reality, is fine because you have a 24-36 hour window of time to inseminate after getting a positive ovulation test, but in medicated/trying to conceive land you are Whitney Houston/Alice Ripley/Kirk Cameron crazy....more

An Open Letter To All Pro-Choice Organizations

Dear NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, RH Reality Check and any and all people and entities who are pro-choice,I am infertile. I want nothing more than to have a child. Wait. There might be one thing I want more than a child - I want the government to stay out of my uterus. Well, if I still had one I'd want them out of it.You may be surprised to learn that most of us who can't have children (or have lots of difficulty doing so) are NOT in favor of banning abortions so there will be more babies available to adopt. No. Simply...NO....more

OPK Testing: The Rubix Cube of Your Lady Parts

Starting on day 3 of my cycle they had me start taking Clomid (what that experience was like):...more

What You Can Do About Uterine Fibroids: My Personal Insights and Professional Advice

Back in 2007 while pregnant with my son I found out I had a single uterine fibroid that increased in size throughout the progression of my pregnancy. I didn’t sweat it as my obstetrician-gynecologist assured me that the fibroid would shrink after childbirth. It did. Unfortunately, my fibroid issues took a real turn for the worst from 2010 to 2012 during which time I had three consecutive miscarriages....more

IUI: The Quiet Community

My wife and I have started the process to try to get pregnant with our first child. We have gone through all of the multitude of testing that our wonderful fertility specialist has recommended for us and are at the threshold of actually starting the insemination process. We are thankful for our insurance that helps defer a lot of the costs for the process and shake our heads at the lack of help offered to those that are in a similar boat (LGBT couples wanting to have a baby) and do not have domestic partners or fertility coverage available to them....more

Saying Goodbye to #2

This isn't how I hoped things would turn out. We didn't get our miracle. Yesterday, we said goodbye to Baby #2.I was hopeful. I really was. Not perfectly faith-filled, but I prayed and believed God could do this. And I was asking Him to.  But things didn't turn out that way....more

Fertility is No Joke

I have been struggling lately and sadly for you, you have to hear about it. Just like every breakup that I have ever had, I have penned quite the letter to send them away...the boy and the feelings of anger, hurt, etc.. I never sent it, and sometimes I would keep it just to remind myself, in ten months is this gonna matter? Raw emotion that make you a little psycho but it gives you a clean slate to move on. ...more

When a Negative Helps You Focus on the Positive

This time, he didn't bring home flowers.  But in his defense, I took the phone call this time.  And I already knew.Berta was not meant to be....more

The Post I Didn't Want to Write

BlogHer has a list of writing prompts to help you get through NaBloPoMo. I pretty much had a plan for this month, but I figured I would peruse it anyway because it’s BlogHer and I’m sure their ideas are a lot more interesting than mine. There it was, a gem: What post would you like to write but haven’t? Two automatically popped into my head. My husband knows one of them, and has strictly forbidden me to ever write about it as long as he lives. The other is more personal to me, but maybe getting it off my chest might help -- or, at the very least, help someone else. ...more
You are so amazing and strong for even writing this. My heart totally goes out to you. I am ...more