Six Months

Six months since you were born silently into this world. Six months. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday, other times it feels like it's been years. I didn't forget about this day, but I didn't dread it as much as the 13th's of previous months. I am sad and I miss you terribly, but this month the feelings of grief are not as heavy on my heart. ...more

Things in Motion- Update

A few days ago I posted about my plans for the future. I was a bit nervous about taking steps forward as I've grown comfortable in this new world I've created for myself. But I took a chance and it paid off. ...more

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Trying to Conceive Self

When I think back to the days of trying to conceive, I can't help but feel that it was a lifetime ago. Technically, I guess it has been a lifetime, since Baby is now almost eight months old. I think every parent is familiar with the strange way time works in parenthood: It seems like your child has always been with you, even though you lived an entire lifetime before his arrival....more


I'm sick today. It feels like morning sickness, but it's not. It's just the flu. But it reminds me of my early pregnancy, and that makes me sad.  I miss being pregnant. ...more

Words of Affirmation Help During Infertility

Infertility can be such a drag on your relationship with your significant other....more

More Strange Dreams

*Since losing my son at 36 weeks back in August I've had some crazy dreams. In this post I try and figure out what they are trying to tell me. If you like what you read here please feel free to visit my blog at ...more

The Coolest Nail Trends – S/S 2011

Although, it may not feel like it, Spring is almost here, and there are many things we have to look forward to. Get your nails ready for spring and summer with the following must-haves nail art:pretty in pink ...more

G. stands for GIRL

my manicuriste is in LIMA.more

Trying Again

Originally posted at my blog Finding My New Normal it's official now and I have the doctor's appointment to prove it. We are going to try for another baby.I'm excited and scared and hopeful and scared some more and excited and petrified and hopeful. Oh, and I'm scared too.I'm scared that I may not be able to get pregnant again, and I'm scared about being pregnant and all that goes along with it....more

Are You Courageous?

"Courage is from the Latin word, cor, meaning heart — the original definition was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart." *...more