Sweet Boy, Sweet Dog

Vacation is coming! Vacation is coming! And I have feeeelings about that (of course I do).  But I am too busy attempting to get the house cleaned up and us packed and ready for 11 days out of town to really delve into those feelings.  So instead, I give you pictures!  ...more

Freedom is Waiting {The Words That I am Scared to Share}

A week or so ago, fellow writer and inspirational friend Elora published a piece of my writing on her blog.  And I didn't share it with you.  These words that I'd written, they terrified me.  They terrify me.  That's why I gave them to someone else to publish.   ...more

Blown Away

It is not often that I am left speechless, but three of my friends — Jona, Jessica, and Kathy — threw a book party for me last night to celebrate the release of Measure of Love.  I thought a few people would get together, drink a little wine, I’d talk about the book.  But… no.  [...] ...more

The House: Outside

I have been meaning to post pictures of the new house and I have been delaying it because, you know, things are a mess and we're still unpacking and we don't have stuff up on the walls and I want to plant some flowers and...And if I don't post pictures already, I'll never get around to it ....more

Perfect Moment Monday: Tessa guest posts

Tessa and I have collaborated on our joint Perfect Moment, which you’ll find below after a bit of a setup. On a designated day each week, our Vino Support Group gets together, kids and all. Over the summer we moms take turns planning that afternoon’s activities. A hike, painting pottery, running through the town fountain [...] ...more

Please Help Me with Level 79 of Candy Crush

This is obviously for the other people playing the game.  Everyone not playing Candy Crush, feel free to ignore.  And for the love, if you haven’t started playing, DON’T.  I really wish I hadn’t started this. So. How the hell does one win this level without combining the doughnut (that brown ball with the coloured [...] ...more

The Business of Parenting

Once I receive it, on the recommendation of my lawyer, we will be applying for a new social security number for her as well. I’ve done a bit of research on this, and it seems as though about 50 percent of new adoptive parents do the same. According to my lawyer, it is just the safest way to go. Identity theft of a newborn is something you may not discover for years, once plenty of damage has already been done....more
GAH! Stop making me feel guilty! I have four kids, the oldest of whom has SN, and NO clue ...more

Just Want You to Know: You’re Still a Fertility Anomaly

As the rest of the world fights about whether or not women can get pregnant later in life — They can’t! That’s why we should have babies as soon as possible.  They can! Take time to plan out your career and then have babies — we are infertile.  That’s all I could think of while [...] ...more

So, I have cancer

Apparently, the symptoms I’ve had over the last 5 months weren’t just from my c-section recovery. On Wednesday morning, Devon took me to Emergency because I was having extreme abdominal pain. I’ve had this pain since the baby was born, but the intensity was more than I could bare. After a full day of tests, finally a colonoscopy was done and they found a tumour ....more