Lawn Chair Moments

that will stay with me forever ....more

#584 You babysat your friend’s baby and you wanted to keep it

Never trust an infertile to babysit your child. She may want to keep it. Your friend, Mindy-Sue, asked you to look after her baby for the afternoon. You happily agreed and an hour later, you had a sweet, angelic child in your arms. Your husband walks past you. “You know, you can’t keep the baby,” he says [...] ...more

Hotness Personified

A friend told me last night that the men in our lives are now actually impressed by this new endeavor of motherhood I have taken on. A fact which I couldn’t even argue with, as one of our guy friends had just said a few days prior that motherhood looks good on me – that I seem happy, and complete, and even more beautiful as a result. Yes, I also have great male friends. My friend last night though, said ...more

Babies and partners: How to unite the two

I have to get better at finding the time to write – I miss it. It seems impossible during the day when it’s just me and the babe and weekends come and go so fast when Devon is home and I just want to spend the time as a family ....more


Beyond the million other ways in which I have been blessed, I should also probably tell you that this little girl is a dream baby. ...more

A Month Gone By

One Month.  How can it have been that long already? ...more

434th Friday Blog Roundup

I paid the Wolvog $5 to build me a pretty new website for all of my books.  He subsidizes me because I pay for his computer classes and give him our old technology.  Click on the picture below to go to the site: Isn’t it lovely? I’ll be uploading teasers and release information and book [...] ...more

Sometimes Self-Care Looks Like Paint-Covered Hands

This week, I had a little bit of time to get paint on my hands. While our baby's night sleeps markedly improved overnight (thank you, God!), he's still mostly not napping. And by "mostly not napping" I mean that he took a three hour nap on Tuesday -- and that was his nap for the week.  Ouch.  Every other "nap" was the result of me wearing him and going for a treadmill walk.  ...more

8 months

If you missed my last post, please check it out and consider giving your thoughts about Advocacy Day. Your input is important to ensuring that we make this day the best it can possibly be. *** This is a baby-related post. Please feel free to skip if you are not comfortable reading. Weight & Length: We don't have her next official weight and length check until 9 months. However, K has been sick ...more