Having a Case of Old Dog Vs. Having Cushing's Disease: An Ellie Story

So Ellie girl hasn't been doing so hot lately....more

The Weirdness of Not Going to BlogHer

This is the first year since 2008 that I’m not going to BlogHer....more

Some Things Never Change...

What's really funny to me is that I took the younger picture back in 2011 and Boo took other one yesterday, and in BOTH shots things are looking pretty unsafe....more

The Glym.ph

I put the period in the middle of the name because I live in fear of my childrens’ Googling savviness. It began with needing to cut the ChickieNob’s nails. She was not in the mood to have her nails cut ....more

And Here We Are Now

There's no central theme to this post, but just some updates that I wanted to put out there:I'm reading for fun! My summer class ended over a week ago (hallelujah!) and my friend and coworker earned a spot in heaven by helping me grade final exams. Now that's all behind me and I don't have to think about teaching again until January (when I'm teaching a super fun 3 week class on personal essay writing, followed by a semester of teaching 3 days a week, and then a summer of NO summer classes).I was reading Mists of Avalon which I was loving, but then I happened upon all of the sex abuse allegations directed at the author (who is now dead) and the book was sort of ruined for me.. ....more

Top 5 Must Have Items When you are Inducing Lactation

Remember back when I mentioned I was going to induce lactation? Well many of you have sent in questions and asked how it was going. The answer is it worked! ...more

Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy allowed the ChickieNob to keep the tooth she lost at the White House....more

Nicole's Bridal Shower

So this weekend I helped to host a bridal for our sweet Nicole!...more

What My Child Lost at the White House

So, the kids went to cover the Kids’ State Dinner again at the White House on Friday....more

Week in Review: Year of Love

Who wants to hear a secret? Or maybe a couple of secrets? OK, the first is this: I kind of dig horoscopes ....more