The Art of the Re-Sleep

Candace: I have not really slept in a long time. Well before our surrogate got a positive pregnancy test, I have been deprived of sleep. Chris is a snorer ....more

Christmas at the Farm (#1)

My Aunts host an annual family Christmas at their house, but this year due to a sudden broken arm (when are broken arms not sudden?) the location moved to my parents....more

We Shared a Moment

On one of these long, schooI-less days, I got a rare cuddle from my teen daughter....more

#MicroblogMondays 17: First Date Selfie

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. ******* Apparently, first date selfies are a “thing.”...more

Adventures in Potty Training: Even Less Fun Than I'd Imagined; Or, You Probably Don't Want to Sit On Our Couch

Perhaps you've wondered where I've been the past week. Perhaps you've imagined I've been busy with holiday shopping and holiday crafts and holiday baking and holiday gift wrapping, and soaking up the wonder of the season and the beauty of my children and the love that fills the air.You would be wrong.I have been in potty training hell. And, guess what? ...more

Explaining Santa and His Mysterious Ways

So I saw an interesting photo on a friend’s Facebook wall: Which is an interesting point and one I never thought about before; mostly because the gifts my kids receive (with the exception of money from the tooth fairy) comes from humans they know....more

The Official Holiday Season has Begun

So it's rolling....more

525th Friday Blog Roundup

It’s Chanukkah. I’m actually really not a fan of Chanukkah in general. It’s sort of a nothing holiday that has been given inflated importance because it falls on the calendar near Christmas ....more

A Free Quickie Mixed Media Art Demo: "Moon and Stars"

{video link} I've been wanting to do more fast art demo videos for you and, now that I'm getting a bit of energy back post-first trimester, I have!...more

I Believe in the Night {On Decembers}

There's something about December.I've long resisted it....more