Another Non-Update on NOLA

So I am flying out this morning and I don't need to head to the airport for an hour or so, so I figured it was the perfect time to do a real New Orleans blog post. I got my laptop out, made my coffee, possibly cracked my knuckles in serious writing preparation, them clicked on Firefox....more

Can We Talk About Hostess Gifts?

Do you guys give them? Hostess gifts, I mean. Have you received them?I always see all these gift guides and suggestions for hostess gifts ....more

Do You Need to Plot Out a Novel Before You Start Writing It?

To plot out or not to plot out a novel with a manuscript outline has been on my mind this week because I’ve just returned to writing a new book after taking a break to sketch out the remaining chapters....more

When Art is Everything {Introducing Healing HeARTs}

I'm not sure that I came to art journaling in the usual fashion....more

Hello from New Orleans!

So, I am in New Orleans. It's amazing. I am in love with this city, and more specifically I am in love with their food....more

How to Get From Thanksgiving to New Years When You’re Not in the Mood

I am really not in the mood for the holidays this year....more

I am Thankful for my Infertility

Candace- With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I have been thinking about some things. Sure, I am thoughtfully...more

#MicroblogMondays 12: The First Time

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too. ******* The twins and I are nearing the end of their first time reading the Harry Potter books....more


Like most writers, I like words....more

Five (and a half) Year Stats

Sorry I have been rather absent from the blog this week. I leave for a work trip to New Orleans (!!) tomorrow and things have been a little crazy trying to get work and real life in order for my week away....more