I Spent the Day with a Robotic Giraffe

So the White House hosted their first Maker Faire today, and I got to attend and see the exhibits after the President spoke....more

Pregnancy, Party, and Other Updates

A few updates on this hot and humid day in June:* I'm past hump-day on the first week of my summer class! We're almost finished with Hamlet. Each day my students have to (1) read (2) take an online (open-book, open-notes, open-internet) quiz and (3) write a journal entry about an act of the play ....more

Opt-ions Two

So… yeah… still looking closely at the blogosphere and social media world. ...more

What a Night

Another evening, Jelly Bean-less, and Candace and I are biting our nails waiting for that call, waiting for that moment when our little one decides that she is ready to make our debut....more

Someone is Happy to See His Nana and Grandpa...

We made it to Florida safe and sound!...more

Opt-ions One

There are seven more posts about the book....more


As I mentioned, we spent the weekend at the Bushwhacker festivities in my hometown. But one of the other things we did while there was get Zuzu "chipped."NOTE: They do not actually microchip your child.Although I'm not sure that I would be totally against a microchip in Zuzu so I could track her at all times with an app on my phone. #mildlyneuroticmother #theresanappforthatAnyway, the Masons were sponsoring MOCHIP, which stands for Missouri Child Identification Program ....more

I am Not My Characters {On Writing Fiction}

We have a tendency to see the author in the words she writes, or the actor in the roles he plays, or the poet in the poems she pens....more

Four Books by Forty

My fourth book,...more