Realizations and Questions

I wash my hair every morning....more

On the Beginning of the End (Again)

at 28 weeks in my second pregnancy, summer 2012 Well, it's here....more

My Bloggy Valentines

Nearly 8 years ago, I found this and my world changed. As a result of a routine google search, I found Melissa, bloggers and blogging. How appropriate, then, that yesterday, Melissa tagged me as one of her Bloggy Valentines ....more

My Sick Little Valentine

Henry can't seem to catch a break when it comes to Holidays and Kindergarten parties. ...more

532nd Friday Blog Roundup

It’s Friday the 13th....more

First Exam

I gave my first exam on Tuesday and for some reason I thought it seemed like an excellent idea to have it held online....more

Blogging Cupid

I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day....more

Ghost Belly: Reflections and Regrets

I have been reading...more

Deciding When it is Time to Stop Breastfeeding

I feel like a failure. OK, so I suppose that is a pretty dramatic way to come out of the gate here. But this is how I feel today ....more

The Price of Becoming Who You Are?

I thought we were the forever kind of friends....more