The Pertussis Epidemic and the Anti-Vaccination Movement

These notices should shock you, too -- into action, into calling your pediatrician to make sure your kids are up-to-date on their pertussis vaccinations; into calling your own doctor to make sure you're up-to-date, and getting a Tdap booster if you need it. In other words, into taking pertussis seriously. ...more
UsernameNAB thinkingautism Promoting faux autism therapies sold by charlatans under the label ...more

Rethinking Study Habits: New Studies Shake Things Up

School is back in session, and my son and fifth child has just completed his first two weeks of middle school. He’s now got a different teacher for every subject and mega-amounts of homework. I have a whole routine for setting up a homework ritual and a study spot that I feel has been tried and true and efficiency-tested by his four older siblings. ...more

i remember when i was still studying, i do well in school but i only study when i want to and ...more

DonorsChoose: How to Help Celebrate 10 Years of Funding Classrooms

I'm going to tell you something about education and you won't be a bit surprised: We're underfunded. The lack of resources that teachers have to deal with should be enough to make the even the toughest, most cynical, pessimistically gruff person blush with embarrassment. ...more
DonorsChoose has made such a difference for my students' learning and growth. I'm very grateful! ...more

Everyone Is Back to School but Me! -- Toddler Edition

My kid is three and is switching from a home-based daycare to an outdoor preschool, and even though he isn't going to a standard type of school that requires the fun of new notebooks and school supplies, I thought it would be fun to make it seem special by crafting up some fun new things for him to associate with his new school experience. ...more

What great ideas! Thank you! I'm always looking for ways to make the little one feel ...more

Back to School: 1974 vs. 2010

Sometimes I find myself bemoaning the plastic world we’ve created and wishing we could go back to a time before our disposable culture got the better of us. It's a simplistic point of view for sure, as I realized last night while reminiscing about my experience growing up in the 70's. No bottled water. Fewer disposables. But were things really better back then or just different? ...more

and the world goes much changes, doesn't it?more

My Tween Might be Overscheduled, and I Might be Okay With That

The thing you have to understand about me -- right from the beginning -- is that I'm not the kind of parent who believes my kids have to be involved in everything. We never did Little Gym or Mommy And Me when they were tiny, and as they grew, they were each allowed one activity outside of school, which then grew to "one sport and one other activity" over time. And I thought that was plenty. ...more

My daughter started Kinder this year, and this post brought tears to my eyes because I'm pretty ...more

Starting Preschool Early: The Beginning of Educational Controversy

Today was our youngest son’s first day of preschool. I was hesitant about this first drop-off, worried that the first time away from his older brother would be difficult for him. Instead, he hung up his backpack, walked into his classroom and never looked back. Any worry I had about sending him to preschool early was erased as I watched him make his way across that room. ...more
Decisions like when to start school are most definately personal and something that parents need ...more

Would You Call a Teacher By Her First Name?

When I was a teacher, my students called me by my first name. There were a few teachers at the school who asked to be addressed by their last name, but it was far more common for students to use our first names. I entered this school from a conservative all-girls school, where I was scolded by the principal for asking the girls to use my first name, and the students themselves didn't know what to make of a teacher who asked to simply be called Melissa. Prior to that job, I was teaching at the university level, where my students, once again, called me by my first name at my request. ...more
I asked my son last night how he likes his new school compared to the old one (two years ago, in ...more

(WORKSHEETS) Preschool to High School Educational Fun at Home

I hear people say all the time they would never have the time or patience to home school. I'm totally down with the "time" thing, but I've always wanted to teach. Guess what? Now I can, you can, we all can -- even if we send our kids to public or private school -- thanks to some nifty downloadable worksheets available via BlogHer's partnership with ...more

Thanks, this is a great resource. I'm currently homeschooling my 6th grader, and I'm amazed at ...more

Back to School With a Life-Threatening Peanut Allergy

My youngest daughter was born by emergency c-section on May 30, 2001. She was small and fragile and had breathing difficulties from the start. She was also the most beautiful baby in the whole world -- all red-headed and chubby and happy all the time. By the time she was 14 months old, we had spent several weeks in and out of the hospital for intestinal troubles and several bouts of pneumonia. She was on a constant stream of medications. Inhalers and hospital-grade breathing equipment became part of the furniture in our home. ...more

I'm so glad you are having a good experience with your daughter's schools. My husband is a ...more