Watch the BlogHer '10 General Session Videos - Including the Community Keynote

Today we're so pleased to publish video from every general session at BlogHer '10. That means you can be inspired by the women who risk their lives to blog...our International Activist Blogger Scholarship recipients....more

BlogHer '10 Sessions: Now in Audio!

The audio files have rolled in, and we've organized them by track...listen and enjoy the sessions you may have missed.  Thanks to Monty for editing the files :) CHANGE AGENTS Feeding the Conversation: How to Build A Community Around Your Cause ...more

I just heard the entire session on Family Foodies and it had some fabulous tips. I'm posting it ...more

Great Lunchbox Ideas for the 2010-2011 School Year

One of the sessions at BlogHer10 focused on making foodies of every member of the family. Led by Stefania Pomponi Butler from CityMama, Sarah Caron from Sarah's Cucina Bella and Danielle Wiley from Foodmomiac, at one point, the conversation turned to lunchbox options. Though Biggie’s Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento was mentioned specifically, there are a number of other sources for great school lunches to carry parents and kids through the next school year. ...more

Giovanna, thanks for pointing people toward even more tips!

--- Genie, more

An Awesome BlogHer '10 from a New Yorker's Point of View

New York, New York -- it's a helluva town, and last weekend it was a helluva BlogHer town. If I must say so myself, I thought New York did a first class job of hosting the biggest gathering of women bloggers in the world, but as a native New Yorker, I'm biased. From the Battery to the Bronx, BlogHers were all around the town, taking in all the Big Apple had to offer. Some did it in tutus, walking and running for a good cause, while others partied like it was 1999. ...more

The Hilton and Twitter, priceless.

It sounds like the Hilton was very smart about monitoring ...more

We Are The World: Tutus for Tanner and an Extraordinary Community

When all was finally said and done, it wasn't appearing on CNN in a tutu, nor appearing on CBC in a tutu, or posing in Central Park in a tutu, or watching as a limo slowed down on Fifth Avenue and the passenger leaned out the window and hollered -- at me -- hey, I saw you on TV in that tutu! -- that stood out as the most memorable moment of my week last week. Which, when you think about it, is memorable in itself: I had a week in which I appeared on CNN in a tutu and that particular experience will not be recounted here because, during that particular week, stranger things happened. Stranger things, like the prayer circle. ...more

Yes, this.more

(VIDEO) BlogHer10: Four Days in Four Minutes Stop-Action Movie

"Dude, this looks like a movie," she said. You totally need to make this into a movie." As she said this, I remembered watching a fantastic stop-motion video made by supremely talented photographer Casey Templeton, where he admitted taking dozens of bad shots in order to get a good one. I so get that. In fact, when I shoot, I tend to do it very quickly -- I'm constantly talking to my subject, we're joking and laughing, and all the while my finger is firing the shutter so rapidly, it sounds like I've got the camera on a sports setting. Usually, when I take portraits, people are surprised that I'm finished as quickly as I am; but really, I've taken tons of shots during that moment. ...more

This was so cool. I wasn't there (sadly), but really enjoyed this. Thanks for ...more

(SLIDESHOW) BlogHer '10: Scenes From the Expo Hall

We're putting up your 2010 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far. We want your pictures! Just add your pics to BlogHer's Flickr group -- it is here. Learn more about adding pix with this how-to. (Make sure to join the group and set your Creative Commons license so we can share!) The more you label and sort your pictures, the faster we can put them up. You can sort them by: Panels and keynotes ...more

This is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same ...more

BlogHer '10 Recap: You Are Powerful

I went into BlogHer '10 thinking about the recap I'd write AFTER it was all over, which sounds weird, doesn't it? It's true, though. I've been to five BlogHer Cons (plus BlogHer Food '09) and I work here, too. I know the scene. We come. We connect. We laugh. We cry. We learn. We get angry. We wear great shoes. We're overwhelmed. That stuff -- it's the same every year. This year, going into the conference, I was really tired before I ever landed in NYC. ...more
Fast Forward......March 2014! Holy Cow that was awesome to read and I enjoyed your ...more

(SLIDESHOW) The People of BlogHer ’10: Official Photos (Saturday)

Like Friday, Saturday at BlogHer '10 was jam-packed with information, fun, food and -- of course -- bloggers. Bringing to end over a year's worth of work, the conference came to a close in style. ...more

Thank you!! I can see it now. Yay! :)more

(SLIDESHOW) The People of BlogHer ’10: Official Photos (Friday)

BlogHer '10 officially kicked off on Friday morning with a well-received welcome message from Lisa Stone, Elisa Camhort Page and Jory Des Jardins. Add in some sessions, a bunch of women running through New York City in tutus, really good food, lots of talking and meeting new people, laughter, tears and some really amazing art and you have one amazing whirlwind of a day. ...more