Ever Wondered What a BlogHer Conference Looks Like? 2009 Official Conference Photos

Updated! Please enjoy the official BlogHer conference photo set from 2009! There are more than 200 photos in this set, so click all you want, we'll make more. ...more

Looks like such a great conference, I really hope to attend next year! And, would love to see ...more

Screw Work Life Balance: We Need Work Life Policy! Here's All You Need to Know to Join the Movement at BlogHer

For over two years, The Four Hour Work Week has been a national bestseller. Why? Because most of us resent feeling tethered to our jobs and we know we could still do great work even if we had the ability to control our schedules and factor family needs into our day.  We are grown ups: why don’t employers get it? ...more
I was just about to add a link to Riane Eisler's Caring Economy Campaign address for free ...more

BlogHer 10 Geek Lab: Office Hours

Have you ever wished for your own personal geek? Someone who could help answer those burning questions about htaccess? Or someone who could help you make sense of a fussy CSS template? Are you new to blogging and trying to learn how to make small changes to your wordpress theme? Considering a micro-blogging platform like Posterous? Would you like to know how to use Twitter more effectively? Well at BlogHer '10, you can spend time with the people who can help you answer all of those burning questions - and more. ...more

I will be there. There is some code I need to erase from my new site and I can't figure out ...more

Why You Don't Want to Miss the Women and Sports Panel at BlogHer '10

For the first time ever, this year there will be a panel about sports at BlogHer.I know. It is hard to believe that after six years this is the first time sports will be discussed during a BlogHer conference. Megan Hueter from Women Talk Sports and I have worked really hard to make this a reality and we were thrilled to have our panel on Women and Sports chosen as a Room of Your Own session in the "passions" category.Megan and I met last year when we had the privilege of helping cover the 2009 WNBA Draft....more

Or you'd kill me, right Sarah? ;-)more

BlogHer Conferences in Pictures: 2009

Updated with new pictures! We're putting up your 2009 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far. ...more

When you launch the full slideshow, you can see the labels, FYI.

Rita Arens authors more

BlogHer '10 Shoes: How to Choose the Right Pair

Women talk about shoes, as my male friends tell me, "all the time," and BlogHer is no exception. I can't readily argue with them about that point so I will just admit my weakness right here and now for all to witness. Hi, my name is Kelly and I love shoes and love wearing shoes and love looking at shoes. Why am I outing myself like this?...more
I bought my daughter the zombie stompers, they are crazy wild cool shoes!  more

BlogHer Conferences in Pictures: 2005

We're putting up your 2005 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far. ...more

Wish I had been there at the conference. Photos are the next best thing!

Melissa writes ...more

BlogHer 2010: What to Wear

Because I cannot leave well enough alone, let's talk about what to wear to BlogHer '10. That will be fun, don't you think? Yes. Yes it will. ...more

Now i have the urge to go get a cute scarf
Nice thing about silky (not actual silk:) cocktail ...more

BlogHer Conference in Pictures: 2007

Updated with new photos! We're putting up your 2007 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far. ...more

I did not attend in 2007 either. But I had a real excuse. I was on level 3 bed rest by that ...more

BlogHer Conference in Pictures: 2006

So many photos, so little time. We're putting up your 2006 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far! ...more