Moms and Back to School Shopping

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Hi Jane, Thank you for the great Back to School presentation. I have a question about slide 6: ...more

Today's E-Moms: Engaged, Enabled, Entertained

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Social Media Spreads the Biggest Story of the Year

It was the biggest news story this year, and it happened late on Sunday night May 1st 2011.  A tidal wave of information and speculation ensued, as people learned that U.S. Navy Seals had killed the Al Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden at a compound in Pakistan. ...more

The BlogHer Community Picks Its Favorite Reality TV Show

In March 2011, the BlogHer community was invited to select favorite reality television programs(s) on the weekly research poll. There were 9 choices for television programs, plus a 10th option stating “None: reality television is a symptom of the downfall of society. While a higher percentage (17%) chose “None” as an individual response, most people that took the poll did have a favorite ... ...more

I thought American Idol would suffer a rapid demise after Simon Cowell left but that hasn't been ...more

Beauty is in the Eye of the Blog Holder

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@BBCbeautyblogs @BlogHer to an extent, I love reading fellow bloggers reviews because I trust ...more

Women, the Web and Their Wallets

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Mom vs Machine: The BlogHer-Parenting Magazine Research Study

When it comes to online behaviors and technology use, what are Moms doing online? And what do they really think about what their kids are doing? Do they embrace or fear technology?  Are there generational gaps?  How do moms use their own tech knowledge and social media savvy to monitor their children’s behavior online?  The news is chock full of stories about cyber-bullying among young people, but is it really an everyday occurrence or still mercifully rare? ...more
Hello, Thanks for putting this together!  Fascinating research.  I am particularly interested in ...more

Staples and Moms Back-To-School Study

  Moms Give Back-To-School Shopping an “A” But, only if the Price is Right ...more