fruitful trees

narrow warrant of her gifts, but freely ranging within the zodiac of his own wit, {13} Nature never set forth the earth in so rich tapestry as divers poets have done neither with so pleasant rivers, fruitful trees, sweet-smelling flowers. nor whatsoever else may make the too- much-loved earth more lovely her world is brazen. the poets only deliver a golden.But let those things alone. and go to man {14} for whom as the other things are. so it seemeth in him her uttermost cunning is employed and know....more

Hilary's Top 10 2011 Blogher Swag

Everyone loves swag. And, at the Blogher Conference in San Diego last August, I was given so much swag, I had to buy another suitcase! (I could have left the stuff at the hotel room but how could I part with beloved swag?)It’s taken me months to get an opportunity to sample the products and I wanted to share with you my favorites from the show: Top 10:•    Nestle’s Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer (this stuff is natural and tastes great in coffee!)...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - November 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday and long weekend for us here in the US due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so this will be brief:...more

mothers2mothers - Eliminate Pediatric AIDS by 2015

Anne-Marie and Audrey van Petegem met Robin Smalley, Director and Co-Founder of mothers2mothers, at BlogHer 2011 in the Johnson&Johnson room. She shared stories of the women and the babies that mothers2mothers helps, the role that Johnson&Johnson plays in financially supporting global health issues and the bright future for women with HIV and their children. The energy, passion and dedication that Robin has towards these women and their babies is nothing short of being heroic....more

BlogHer Conference Update - - November 11, 2011

Happy Friday and for those who celebrate, happy Veterans Day.This is going to be a bunch of reminders this week :)BlogHer Writers -- watch all the session on-demand and view what you might have missed.  We have photos too!...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - October 15, 2011

Happy weekend!! I cannot believe it is already October -- I know you understand. I am hearing that stores already have holiday decorations up -- unbelievable (as I shake my head). Anyway, onto our update: BlogHer Writers '11 is around the corner and we have a "few" slots left so register today and join us for what is sure to be a day of incredible learning and networking. Check out the agenda, speakers and attendees -- it's an impressive day for sure....more
I have my paypal receipt for the conference in NYC, but I don't have any other form of ...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - September 30, 2011

Hello friends - happy weekend! Lots to share so I'm going to jump right in... BlogHer Writers '11: In a few short weeks we'll come together for the first annual BlogHer Writers conference, presented by Penguin Group, in New York City. It will be a day full of expert insiders discussing publishing, demystifying the trade and providing small group mentoring. You'll learn about publishing 101, going from blog to book and so much more. Check out the agenda, our list of growing speakers and register today....more

Just Won a Lottery and it's Swag!

 The FedEx truck just stopped in front of my house.  At first I thought it was the delivery of a book I've been waiting for but then I saw the driver carrying a rather large box.  Maybe my husband ordered something, I thought.  I went to the door and saw that it was addressed to me.  Oh, I do like a surprise! ...more
Woohoo! Enjoy!more

Swag box from P&G

late this week, fed-x delivered a box on my doorstep at 8 am.  it was swag from p&g, as promised.  blogher11 keeps giving and giving!  this is all the stuff that was in the box.  i'm real good at setting up shots eh?  notice the unstoppable bottle turned the wrong way.  bwahaha!...more
Awesome! All of that reminds me I need some FreBreeze...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - September 9, 2011

Happy "pre BlogHer Handmade" weekend!We here at BlogHer are very excited for BlogHer Handmade next week and we hope we will see many of our friends on Thursday, September 15 in Minneapolis! I hear the weather will be fabulous and there is so much to do, after your full day with us of course! If you are in the area and have not registered, there is still time to do so. Check out our agenda, sponsors and speakers -- it's an event you won't want to miss....more